deCONZ -> 502 Bad gateway

Suddenly my deCONZ has stopped working and is giving me 502 Bad gateway.

I am on a Rpi 4 (model B, I think). Only one USB is used, and that is for Conbee II.
HA Core: 2022.4.7
HA OS: 7.6

I don’t even know where to start looking for errors.

That means that the add-on isn’t running, check the add-on logs.

Follow this guide and check

No such file or directory…
Strange, since this happened all by itself.

What next?

Try restarting the add-on (stop it, then start it). You may also want to see if there’s an update available for it.

Note: If the ConBee II is connected directly to the USB port or is near USB 3.0 devices such as external hard drives or memory sticks, connection issues may occur.

Thanks. It works again now.

Stopped and started the add-on. And now it is back online.

Thanks again. And thanks for all the other suggestions.