Deconz aqara motion sensor temperature

i am using the deconz component as my zigbee gateway and am currently integrating a few zigbee sensors and switches.
the phoscon app sees the sensors and the switches without a aproblem
home assistant picks them up as well.
so for the motion sensors from aqara - i have the standard binary sensor for motion AND a lux sensor.
HOWEVER these motion sensors are actually a three way sensor so actually detect the temperature as well. one can see this in the phoscon app - i am wondering if anyone has any experience of getting this temperature reading in home assistant? i expect it is somewhere in a json which is passed through to home assistant but i havent found it yet … i could go sniffing with wireshark, but hoped that someone would have some quick help :slight_smile:

For Hue motion sensors they are separate entities in home assistant. I don’t know if Xiaomi got the same treatment

yeh… i have 2 entities… but nowhere do i see the temperature.
i have one entity which is a binary sensor for the motion and in the json for this there is the battery level as well.

  "battery_level": 100,
  "on": true,
  "friendly_name": "motion-sensor-sauna-eg",
  "device_class": "motion"

and i have then also another entity which seems to have been added as a light sensor which also has json attributes

  "battery_level": 100,
  "on": true,
  "dark": true,
  "unit_of_measurement": "lux",
  "friendly_name": "motion-sensor-sauna-eg",
  "device_class": "lux"

but in the log data for the deconz component i am seeing some things like this:

2019-01-13 19:14:52 DEBUG (MainThread) [pydeconz.websocket] Websocket data: {"config":{"battery":100,"on":true,"reachable":true,"temperature":2700,"tholddark":12000,"tholdoffset":7000},"e":"changed","id":"3","r":"sensors","t":"event","uniqueid":"00:15:8d:00:02:ec:33:fa-01-0400"}

meaning that the temperature is coming across… but i dont know how to access it.

Checked with other users, this is the same as with other Xiaomi devices that report temp as an attribute. It is not supported, as it is now. One reason is that historically those sensors have had really poor values.

ah … ok
makes sense… i have been looking at it over the last few days… and it really is bad…
its ok though as i have a whole set of sensors coming

Hey guys, just found this post. Is there any solution in between. I have some Aqara sensors and I see the temprature as a value but not as an entity. Is there a way to get this data somehow into lovelace?

I have ~10 of these integrated via phoscon and conbee stick. Each shows as 2 separate sensors (light level and presence) and at the moment both of these sensors reports temperature as attribute. Screenshots below shows sensors created for one aquara device:

Having temperature available as attribute makes it easy to extract via template. But as @Robban mentioned reported temperatures are sometimes way off… In my case some sensors show it increased by 7~8 degrees vs what I can measure with more reliable tools.
Obviously this could be easily compensated within template, but first time is needed to measure actual deviation and secondly I’m not sure if this is linear (constant offset) or somehow ‘proportional’ to actual temperature. Not talking about repeating this process for each sensor…

@scop had created an issue requesting this being moved to their own entity

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