Deconz for


Thanks for a very quick response!

What it comes to FW update this is pretty much all I can see now for a Ikea bulb. There is no “update button” or am I looking it in a wrong place?


I meant for the raspbee/conbee. I don’t know if you can trigger device fw upgrade in the web gui


In general Deconz is working ok but like others in this thread I have some performance issues.

Deconz starts to consume a whole CPU core on PI3b+ (i.e 25% CPU usage) and then the Zigbee network slows down.

Restart the container using hass and all is well for another 8-12 hours.

Did anyone pinpoint a fix?


I have the same problem, i need to restart the Deconz Hassio add-on once a day because my devices start to not respond.
Even the phoscon app, does not respond anymore until i restart the addon

Edit: i use the marthoc addon


I’m running the normal container and I’ve never noticed any performance issues


RPI3, official deconz addon. No slowing down or any similar issues. Ran the marthoc addon before, no issues then either.


Do you think i should reinstall the addon?


I’m using the marthoc add-on because i had issues importing my config into the official one.

I guess I will try again on official :slight_smile: