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Deconz for Hass.io


Thanks for a very quick response!

What it comes to FW update this is pretty much all I can see now for a Ikea bulb. There is no “update button” or am I looking it in a wrong place?



I meant for the raspbee/conbee. I don’t know if you can trigger device fw upgrade in the web gui



In general Deconz is working ok but like others in this thread I have some performance issues.

Deconz starts to consume a whole CPU core on PI3b+ (i.e 25% CPU usage) and then the Zigbee network slows down.

Restart the container using hass and all is well for another 8-12 hours.

Did anyone pinpoint a fix?



I have the same problem, i need to restart the Deconz Hassio add-on once a day because my devices start to not respond.
Even the phoscon app, does not respond anymore until i restart the addon

Edit: i use the marthoc addon



I’m running the normal container and I’ve never noticed any performance issues



RPI3, official deconz addon. No slowing down or any similar issues. Ran the marthoc addon before, no issues then either.



Do you think i should reinstall the addon?



I’m using the marthoc add-on because i had issues importing my config into the official one.

I guess I will try again on official :slight_smile:



Just a note on firmware updates for IKEA devices. These need to be done on a PC with deconz installed.

The list of firmware (and download links are here):


Download the firmware you need.

You pair the device you want to update, go to “plugins” and “STD OTAU Plugin”.

Choose the device you wish to update from the list.

Choose the update file you downloaded and click update. For battery devices you will need to remove and replace the battery (possibly a couple of times) or power off and on the bulb to get the update to start.

I’ve updated 3x wireless dimmers this way :grin:



Update Trådfri firmware OTA with deCONZ.
First of all, I have no clue what I’m doing. I just cut, paste and try stuff I find around the web.
It works for me, but it may mess up your system and hardware. At least make a snapshot… I run Hass.io on an Tinker board S and have a conbee.
If you read this and see something that could be done better or should be avoided please tell.

Anyway, there is a python2 script that downloads Trådfri firmware here.
I found a version of this script for pyton3 (and windows)
here. I altered it to download the firmware to
/share/otau/ (the share folder you can reach through samba)

#!/usr/bin/env python
Snipped to dowload current IKEA ZLL OTA  -
Updated for Python 3 - changed output folder to /share/otau/ 

import os
import json
import urllib.request

f = urllib.request.urlopen("http://fw.ota.homesmart.ikea.net/feed/version_info.json")
data = f.read()

arr = json.loads(data)

#otapath = '%s/otau' % os.path.expanduser('~')

otapath= '/share/otau'

if not os.path.exists(otapath):

for i in arr:
	if 'fw_binary_url' in i:
		url = i['fw_binary_url']
		ls = url.split('/')
		fname = ls[len(ls) - 1]
		path = '%s/%s' % (otapath, fname)

		if not os.path.isfile(path):
			urllib.request.urlretrieve(url, path)
		    print('%s already exists' % fname)

I saved the script in the share folder as deconzotaikea.py

Then I SSH:ed port 22 and ran
python3 /share/deconzotaikea.py

This should download the firmware files into /share/otau

After that I SSH:ed port 22222 (how to enable)
and issued the ‘login’ command to get into the Host OS in ordrer to copy the files to the folder where deCONZ search for OTA files with

cp -r /mnt/data/supervisor/share/otau /mnt/data/supervisor/addons/data/69bb46cb_deconz/
(I guess the files could also be moved, but if the files are kept in the download folder, next time you run the script it tells you if a file already exists, i.e. there is no new firmware).

These where my paths, yours may be different. You can find out the latter path by
(borrowed from here)

To list the docker images running issue command:

docker ps

Find the “marthoc/hassio-addon-deconz-armhf” one and copy the CONTAINER ID string.
Run the following command to find the folder where the persistent data volume is:

docker inspect -f '{{ .Mounts }}' 123123123123

Replace the number at the end with container id.
You will get a folder print somewhere locally like:
/mnt/data/supervisor/addons/data/69bb46cb_deconz/ or something similar.

Restart the addon and you should see in the log that deCONZ makes own versions of the files.

In the old webinterface of deCONZ (can be opend from help in phoscon) under advanced settings I enabled OTAU. After this deCONZ should (I think) start to update the firmware on mains powered devices. Battery powered have to be updated manually.
This can be done in the GUI which is reachable through VNC in marthoc’s addon (see here).
Have a look at page 24 in the deconz manual (can be found here)

In the GUI one can also follow any progress. For me updating lights were about 20 mins, a motion deterctor 2 hours.

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Hi all

after struggling a lot to let Conbee and Deconz addon to discover all of my Xiaomi Sensors and switch, Osram and Ikea lamp, now I’m happy and I can see them in the Integration panel.

I have two questions…

When I rename an entity in Phoscon how is it possible to let Hassio get the change?
I’ve managed to add a new device after calling deconz.device_refresh service.
I thought it was the same when renaming it, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I managed the switch to work with the proper event, but I understood how to filter click and double-click. What about long-press?




Change the entity_id in HASS.

Now with HASS 0.88 there is an event listener in developer tools (put deconz_event)



So, there is no chance to get the cgange from Phoscon to Hassio.
I will do via entity_id in Hassio.

What if I remove the sensor in Phoscon and create a new one? I don’t want to create any issue to my configuration, but I am just curious.

I’m using Nodered for testing the event and I’m already filtering the deconz_event.

But if the click is simple or long, the event is the same, 1000 when I click and 1002 when I release. Only the time in between differs.




Well then, since the event is the same, if you want different commands based on different time releases you need to use an automation



I am not sure, what I do is name in Phoson as I want it in HASS
(Living lamp will be automatically light.living_lamp)

If I change in phoscon maybe delete and readd integration?

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I have been trying for days now to get Conbee stick working on my Synology NAS with Deconz. But I can’t get it to work. I’ve put the conbee stick in my NAS, then installed the deconz container in Docker.
But in the Phoscon app no lights/switches can be found. And FW is at 00000. The log says: GW firmware update not supported on x86 linux headless.

Maybe that is the problem?
The stick also does not show in the deconz win app. Only when I directly plug it into my pc.




Restart hass to reload that data, I am looking at refactoring stuff so that maybe phoscon changes will be reflected in hass further down the line



I’ve tried restarting Hassio, but no change.
I’m ok now to delete the integration and reload.

Even if I noticed a strage thing.
I had a temp sensor named “TempHum Room” in Phoscon and I get the three sensors (temp, Hum, press) following the name.
Then I deleted it, renamed in Phoscon, removed integration and reloaded.
Only one of the three sensors was renamed the other two remained with the old naming.



Yesterday I used a usb stick to use to Hass.os on my Raspberry pi to 2.10. I’m on 0.88.1 of HA and 2.05.59 of marthoc deconz add on.

Since the upgrade to hass.os, I’ve had a problem where deconz add on doesn’t seen to be working in hassos. If I navigate to phoscon, I can control my lights, but I cannot control them from the HA UI. (the entities show as missing).

Happy to provide logs etc to help solve this, but I’ll need instructions about how to get the right ones?



Deconz add on log: https://hastebin.com/acufijowig.makefile

Some (hopefully) relevant extracts from hassio log:


If I go to the API webpage mentioned I can see my deconz details etc there so I think the API page is working ok.

I think the last item in this log was probably where I tried restarting the add on.