Deconz Homekit sensors no response


since upgrading home assistant to 100.1-3 my sensors only show no response. In home assistant they work properly. Selfecreated binary sensor also work in home assistant. How can i solve this problem?

Greetings and many thanks

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I’ve restarted my Router and all sensors come back. Maybe try this.

I tried everything. Seems pretty random that most sensors won’t work and a few do. Even same sensors behaving differently.

After upgrading to 101.1 the problem still exists. Deconz sensors show no response in HomeKit. Other sensors work without problems. Can’t find a working solution for this.

+1 on this one.

Someone has found a fix for this or requested for a fix?

The error still exists in 102.1? Is nobody interested in fixing this or does nobody has this error?

Last working Version is 99.3