deCONZ - IKEA five button remote for lights

Thanks for sharing!
Helped me create my own custom deCONZ 5 Button and On/Off dimmer Trådfri remote blueprints :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Adjusted.

Hi Bram!

Great work on the blueprints feauture!!

Also on this remote! Ive been holding back on moving all my zigbee devices away from HUE and IKEA gateways becuase of my lack of coding knowledge to program the remotes!

This solves it. Sort of.
Is there a way to change the integration type? I use zigbee2mqtt. Is this a simple platform change in your blueprint, or a whole new thing?

It would be great to have this remote and I guess the other main ones like Phillips hue on the main platforms like DoCONZ, ZHA, and Zigbee2mqtt.

Again, great work.

Abraham (Pronounced a-Bram! haha)

Thanks Abraham!

Here is a blueprint for this remote using Zigbee2MQTT: Zigbee2Mqtt - IKEA five button remote

You could take a look at how he did it. I don’t have any experience with Z2M myself.

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Thanks for sharing!

I would use the light entity attributes in sequence but I unable to use it.
I tried to set a variable like :

  my_light: !input 'light'

and get attribute with {{ state_attr(my_light,"effects") }} but without success!

Is it possible ?

Great Blueprint @Bram_Kragten! Thanks for sharing.

Any idea on how to include the functionality to change color temp (if light supports this feature) using left and right buttons?

I’m getting long presses on the up and down but not the left and right. They used to work on both my buttons as I had automations setup for them but recently neither have worked since a Deconz update.

update - tried this and it seems to work now -

If your Tradfri remote only shows xxx2 events HOLD on/off button. When event changes from 1002 to xxx3 (about 4 seconds) quickly RELEASE on/off button and DOUBLECLICK < or >. Check the < and > are now showing 4003 and 5003. If not try repeating the sequence, it took one of mine a few goes to catch. Repeat to put it back into non-long-click mode.

I think the numbers for left and right buttons are mixed up. The yaml says 5xxx for left and 4xxx for right but my events are showing 4xxx for left and 5xxx for right.

Loving the new blueprints, this is much nicer than my individual automations for each button! thanks.

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This is what I’ve documented earlier for device triggers

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Oops… I should test these things before posting… Corrected, thanks!

Hi Bram,
I just can’t seem to get this blueprint to work. I am new to HA anyway.
I’ve imported this blueprint, then clicked on “create automation”
Selected the light i want to use in the UI.
Selected the button i want to use.
Clicked save.
Doesn’t work. What’s wrong here?

description: lalala
  path: Bram_Kragten/deconz-ikea-five-button-remote-for-lights.yaml
    brightness: '50'
    remote: ee1f79b141fd3253824c97c197cf5e37
      - type: toggle
        device_id: 148110ee22782b2e2682c0bcbba7ddf1
        entity_id: light.bedroom_2
        domain: light
      - type: toggle
        device_id: 863baeead3b0b2dfe72122d3246794b0
        entity_id: light.desk_3
        domain: light
      device_id: 1034a4ba8d4bfc30c21d97b38941b4ea

Is nothing working? Are you sure the remote is working correctly?
Can you see the events if you listen to the deconz_event in the events dev tools?

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Idk what happened, luckily it was a fresh install of HA, so i just reinstalled it and then it worked. Thanks for replying anyway

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Hey, G-great Blueprint, thanks @Bram_Kragten !!

It works perfectly with a group of Ikea colour lights, I’m just trying to figure out how to

  • Change colour of the group using long press on left and right buttons
  • Change group of lights using short press on left and right button to control different lights

How could I do the 2 differents cases ?

Thanks !!

For the first, create a scene that you activate.

The second would not be possible with this blueprint, you would need to change it to use an input helper for the target, that would be set when pressing the right/left buttons

Ok thanks, good idea, will do! I will investigate to find a way to change colour progressively at each press!

So sad for the second point: it’s a default behaviour with the ikea 5 buttons, I was hoping to recreate that :roll_eyes:

Please forgive me, if it’s impolite to mention here, but as color temperature control on left/right button press was requested multiple times here, I feel I should mention that - based on this great blueprint - I wrote a blueprint that can control color temperature (not full rgb color range) for white spectrum and rgb color light entities.

Also note, that there are some differences to this blueprint, for example, it does not feature the convenient target selector so only a single light entity can be controlled.

If you use an entity selector instead of the target selector in this blueprint, you can access that entities rgb_color attribute and probably from that calculate your next rgb color value to set the light entity to in order to achieve a color cycle effect. However, you loose the ability to control multiple entities or areas with one blueprint.


Thanks for the great blueprint!
Just if anybody else has the same problem:
Today my off/on button suddendly stopped working properly. If I turned the lights off, there was a second event which turned them on with brightness: 1 . I fixed it by removing the ’ transition: 1 ’ part of the light.toogle data and now it works again.

Awesome blueprint! Is there a way to assign a different action (such as a scene) to the middle button, instead of the default on/off?

Thanks for this, everything except the main toggle button is working for me.

Deconz sees the event but nothing is triggered when pressing it so I can’t toggle the light with the big button at the moment.

I’ve tried both force and no force but same issue. Can you please point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this?

There is nothing in my logs.