Deconz vs zigbee2mqtt (with Conbee II)

If you have a CC2531, you can flash it with sniffer software, and see what it is doing while pairing with the Tuya gateway.

What does it say on the device?

What did it say on the box?

What (if any) website did you buy it from?

CC2652P will be coming to me in a week. Then they will see … :slight_smile:

conBeeII, does nothing with either HA or deCONZ on those TUYA Smart Plugs 16A socket. There is nothing in the log either.
On the box is ConBee II Zigbee USB-Gateway, Phoscon
Bought CZ, not on Aliexpress or eBay, etc. The box contains QR codes Setup, QR Number. There is still some installation code. I didn’t even use it if I remember correctly.

Jaysus I just want you to bloody tell us what you bought.

Do you have a Tuya Zigbee gateway ? If not, and you see it in the Tuya smart app, it is a WiFi device.

aha I misunderstood
Smart Plug WiFi Socket Brazil EU 16A Power Monitor

Yes it is a Wifi socket

ConbeeII can’t do anything with Wifi plugs.

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aha now it’s clear thank you … I have another experience again …

can i somehow connect those wifi sockets / devices to HA?

Yes, using the Tuya integration

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They (TS011F) work well with conbee2 and zigbee2mqtt, but had to pair them near the conbee device. I had issues with them on deconz soft at first, it was showing bad energy usage, so I switched do Z2M and now it’s ok.
Right now, I am fighting with HY369TRV, because they don’t heat with set schedule on Z2M, or Z2M shows it wrong. They don’t heat when they should and I have to switch them manually.

Hi Guys,

I’m thinking about moving from Deconz to zigbee2mqtt.

Tell me, how do you update Conbee firmware without Deconz?

Is zigbee2mqtt as separated docker container the best choice?

You do not have any issues that Conbee disappear after reboot (power loss)?

Hi All,
I am currently running the conbee2 on deconz. However by checking the great compare video of smarthome junkie:

I am doubting to move to ZHA or Z2M.
In one of the comments I have read something that the combi of Conbee2 and Z2M is not stabiel.
Can anyone confirm this?

From my observations on the list there are better co-ordinators than conbee for z2m. And relatively cheap.

I’m waiting a bit to see what this turns out to, assuming it will be compatible with thread/matter support on Yellow:

Thank you for sharing this video!


You should know while the official Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick will be great for early adopters of those wanting to buy new devices using the upcomig Matter/CHIP standard over Thread protocol, the official Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick on paper actually performs worse with a large Zigbee network if you will use as a multiprotocol radio with Matter/CHIP over Thread in combination than if you instead buy and use a separate dedicated Zigbee USB dongle. This is totally understandable considering it runs needs to handle the work of two radios, even with the off-loading to System CPU it will do.

So instead consider just buying a separate dedicated Zigbee USB dongle now to use only for Zigbee devices, and then if you want also buy the official Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick when it comes out and use that only as a separate dedicated for Matter/CHIP over Thread.

That way you get the best performance and still sponsor Home Assistant by buying their dongle.

There is no point in waiting for Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick if want to use Zigbee today as it is a jack-of-all-trades it will not perform better than existing Zigbee adapters that use a modern radio MCU SoC and has an external antenna.

I recommend both Sonoff-.branded “ZBBridge-P” (for Zigbee2MQTT) and “ZBBridge-E” (for ZHA) from ITead which cost less than $20 if you don’t count the shipping + a long USB extension cable. See:


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