Decrease refresh interval in picture-entity for camera

I find the live view in the picture-entity is generally delayed by around 10 seconds and can increase if the tab is left open for a while.

I’m ok with letting it be a still image card and I see it updates every 10 seconds with a new still image.

Is there any way to decrease that 10 second refresh? I don’t see any option for this in the picture-entity docs.


I’ve been looking into both the frontend code and backend camera component / generic_camera platform where this 10s is defined but can’t seem to find it. Any pointers?

in configuration.yaml (

  ll_hls: true
  part_duration: 0.2
  segment_duration: 2

in lovelace (

  - type: picture-entity
    entity: camera.cam01
    camera_view: live

I tried this and it worked great when I was in the Home Assistant Dashboard (Overview) in edit mode.

However, as soon as I clicked ‘Done’ the image froze and would not update at all.

Is there another setting needed?

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