Default backup name of hassio.backup_full

The documentation says if I leave blank “name”, the default will be current date and time, which is what I would like.
However, leaving name blank results in a backup with random hexadecimal characters.
Is this a bug?
How should I set an automation to make a backup with current date and time as name?

There is a difference between the name displayed in the supervisor → backups menu and the actual filename. The .tar filename always is random hexadecimal characters.

ok I misunderstood that.
what If I want to modify its name with a python script? where should I put it?
I have an automation which triggers a backup at midnight, I could probably add the call to a python script with some delay in the automation itself, and the python script would manage to rename the .tar backup

Did you ever find an answer? I would also like to set the file name, so I can pass it to the next step in a script and upload the TAR file to S3 with minio.

Ever since 2023.7.2 my backups have a different default file name. The used to be hex characters but not have this format which in my opinion is wrong

The highlight is the default name of the file but it’s 10hrs out. My guess is it’s GMT?
It would be more useful if it was local time.