Specify filename for backup tarball

I’d like to make automated backups every night and upload them to S3 or some other durable location. Unfortunately the backup_partial service generates a random name for each file, e.g. b1be9d49.tar so there’s no way to pass that as a variable to the next step. I’d like an option to specify the filename. I’m also curious what the reasoning is for doing it this way? If we get this feature, I could use a script like this:

  - variables:
      backup_filename: hassio_backup{{ now().strftime('%Y%m%d_%H%M%S') }}
  - service: hassio.backup_partial
      homeassistant: true
      name: '{{backup_filename}}'
  - service: minio.put
      bucket: my-s3-bucket
      key: backups/{{backup_filename}}
    enabled: false
  mode: single

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