Default view with a 'Catch All' View

Currently if you turn on a Default View it means any new components added have to be manually added to a view before they will be seen. It would be nice to be able to both set a default view but still keep the ability to have a ‘catch all’ view for everything so you can easily test and see items you are adding. Maybe an option for the ‘catch all’ view to only show those not included in other views.

especially helpful for the “all automations” slate. +1 vote

Alternatively, a way to manually trigger the configurator.

Totally agree with this request.

I’ve been using HASS for 3 months and over that time I’ve managed to create 77 entity IDs (unique components, devices, sensors, etc…). I imagine for others it’s much worse.

To choose something else as a default view means that I no longer have a view that automatically lists every entity ID. Surely this would not be difficult to implement, given the logic is already there for base configuration. Please, please, can you implement.

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Please don’t forget this!
I would also love to have a “catch all” view where new components, sensors, etc appear.

Another solution would be the ability to hide components from the default_view only (and not from the rest of the views)

We need this. It’s too complicated to create clean groups and views today without loosing track of everyhing.

Bump, this is sorely needed!

Yep, it’s a known quirk. And… Is being worked on/discussed here:

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