Hide components on home screen

i set up groups and views for all my components, but those components still remain in the main home screen of hass.io how do i hide them on the main screen so i can adventuallly use that for other information. im very new to this slowly learning.

I think you need to put default_view: at the top of your groups, however doing so will then not show any sensors and switches etc that you have not defined a place for yet.

what exactly does default view do? should i add it to each one?

default_view: is the main front end view i.e. what you are seeing now, putting it before the first group will make that the default_view i.e. the front end view, therefore any sensors/switches etc that are not given a group will NOT show anymore. There are a few questions about this if you use the search at the top of the page, stick default_view in it :slight_smile: So if you don’t define a default_view: ALL enitity_id’s are displayed in the frontend view, i.e. what you get now.
e.g. Default view with a 'Catch All' View - this explains it quite well.

the components show in the home front view. and in the groups menu. both places.

Yep currently they do, if you use default_view: they won’t - you will only see the ones that are defined in the groups you specifically setup.

ok tghank you. im currently tryint to learn automations as well, but one step at a time. thank you much.

I leave the default_view as is - since I like to know when new stuff appears and put everything else in tabs so I can quickly get a shorthand snapshot of different sensors etc.

How did you set groups to work on Hass.io? I followed the HASS instructions and I get config errors left and right.

Can you post your config? (please use code blocks after pasting select the code and hit </> when in the edit window)

I’ll have to post mine when I get home as well because as soon as I put in default_ view: it hits all sorts of config errors. I’m still stuck.

default_view: # comment out to remove default_view and uncomment the line below
  name: Keiths Home
  view: yes
    - group.livingroom
    - group.kitchen
    - group.bedroom
    - group.hall
    - group.bathroom
    - group.alclock
  # so the frontend will only have the groups above on it                            
  name: Livingroom
  #view: yes
    - light.zw_uplight_dimmer_level
    - input_slider.lruplighterbrightness_slider
    - switch.colour_changing_led
    - switch.pilivingroomlavalamp
    - switch.pilivingroomceilingdimmer
    - input_slider.lrceilingbrightness_slider
    - switch.pilivingroomfire
    - switch.pilivingroomantminer
    - switch.livingroom_table_lamp_rgb
    - switch.pilivingroompir
    - switch.pilivingroomgardencam
    - switch.pilivingroomgardencamseat
    - switch.pinexadusk
    - switch.pilivingroomdehumidify
    - switch.zw_tvandsoundbar_switch
    - switch.pilivingroompir
    - switch.pilivingroomrollerblind
    - switch.pilivingroomchargestation
    - switch.tasker_say
    - input_select.broadlinkcmdrgbtablelamp
    - switch.rgb_table_lamp
    - switch.rgb_table_lamp_blue
    - switch.rgb_table_lamp_colour_wheel
    - switch.rgb_table_lamp_red