Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦

Nice write up!, Im only half way though this but it think it would be nice for you to update your HACS table to include Australias forcasting service BOM.

Forecasts are extremely dependent on a lot of measuring points in the area bordering up to your taarget area. Local weather services with access to the supercomputers to run the forecast models, like state supported ones, wil beat the global services any time.

Another nice weatherintegration is astroweather in hacs.

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I tried to add Ambiant Weather Network, but my API key doesn’t seem to work. I’ll try again later.

If you want to help out, you can post a screenshot or code snippet from the weather entity details and get_forecasts data (hourly and daily) from the developer tools in the comments along with the number of forecasted days and hours.

For example:


Update: 11-06
Can’t get AmbiWeather to work. It appears to require a physical device which makes is different from the average weather forecast. I think it’s better to mention AmbiWeather but not include it in the detailed overviews.

For NWS, here is some more information you can use to fill out your chart:
Forecasts: Twice Daily: 14 forecasts (7 days worth)) and Hourly (~7 days worth).
My experience has been that the NWS server is often not able to provide data.

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Good initiative!

For German users, for the Deutsche Wetterdienst there is a second integration besides the one that you have listed in your posts. This works pretty well for me, so you might include that as well. But also the one you listed above works, maybe you have no German weather station close to you and therefore it doesn’t for you?!

Great minds think alike.
Bearded Thinker made a video with 18 weather integrations :exploding_head::

I’ll try to catch up.

I am trying to use the service without entering my card details, and I can access the API Keys section, but even when using an active API key I am getting an error, am I doing anything wrong?

Please use one of the topics in the integration section of the forum for help on configuration. I’m sure there are a few on OpenWeatherMap already.

I had the same. You need to save a credit card number. You can then set a maximum number of api calls per day lower than the free threshold, so you’ll never have to pay.

You guys have been asked to keep the OWM discussions elsewhere. Please stop. Now.


Thanks for putting this together. There are two factors I am curious about that I’d like to know which plugins support:

  1. Ability to use local weather stations. I believe DarkSky used to let you select from a netowrk of public weather stations. That’s always going to be more accurate than a national/global guess/calculations.
  2. Entity with a “feels like” or “real feel” temperature.

Anyone know of a free solution that has both of these?

@AJediIAm Wow, very nice post!

I’m the creator of the KNMI integration, I’m curious about where it deviates from HA standards. My assumption is that since version 2.0.0 it follows all standards, but I could be unaware of something.

What might also be worth mentioning, There is a sun sensor, a solar irradiance sensor, and the hourly forecast also contains a solar_irradiance value, useful for solar panel owners.
But I do understand you can’t squeeze everything into that table.

The weather entity does have Apparent temperature (App)
Signup should be email, you need to get a free API key

To that point, I’m trying to setup my own tts morning summary and I’m struggling to find a service that returns the forecast condition in the local(ized) language. I’m using OpenWeathermap but
{{state_translated(‘weather.openweathermap’)}} returns Слънчево (translation of Sunny), while {{state_translated(‘sensor.openweathermap_forecast_condition’)}} returns ‘rainy’ in English. What are you guys using for TTS?

This is an excellent use case for a local LLM. Even the tiniest models can produce a good sentence in a format to your liking. If you generate the text every hours, you can retrieve it instantly from a helper.

I don’t mind a static, boring, nonLLM text message, but it would mean the world to me if it is in my local language :smiley:

Thanks for maintaining the integration. Feel free to update the article to best reflect the integration. I made some updates already, but it’s difficult to keep track of all the integrations.

Regarding the deviations: The point is not to criticize, but to help users find good integrations. The forecast attributes do not match the suggested attributes in de developer documentation. I’m not sure if it’s ok to add additional attributes. I was a bit confused when comparing all the integrations, but I’m not sure it matters for users who just want to use one or two integrations.

Thanks for the list! I got pirate weather set up in minutes.

It does makes me miss Dark Sky, but we do what we can when mega corp buy up the good stuff.

Some things you can do with the sensors from BOM Weather.

HOW TO: Full Text Weather Report, BOM Australia Integration, Extract Weather Warning Data & Other Text

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