Delay between consequent Knx send

Hi Team,

I have a requirement where I would want a delay between consequent knx send messages.[50 milli seconds]. Can anyone please let me know how can I do the same?

Thank you for support

Hi :wave:!
The Knx Integration already does this by default. You can adjust it via the “rate limit” option in the integration settings - default is 20 Telegrams per second which results in a 50ms (minimum) delay.

Hi farmio,

Thank you very much. That is exactly what i needed.


Is there a minimum value for rate limit possible to use? For example would it be possible to set 2 or 3 telegrams per second?

Background of my question is that I am using KNX over electrical power line (powernet). This works quite fine in all use cases where single devices are operated. But I am running in issues when trying to use scenes.

The rates of different mediums (IP) should not really stop other segments from working. The specific couplers are usually responsible for limiting these down the line. That is true for IP-TP and I guess its true for TP-PL as well.

You can set rate-limit to 1 if you think, but I guess you will run into weird situations then. I’d recommend to set it to 0.

Maybe this is the way it should be , but I get lost telegrams when fireing a couple of commands at the same time via a scene or a script. I am using the Busch-Jaeger USB coupler “6123 USB” and Homeassistant knxd daemon Add-On. It was the same when I used another home automation software.

What I did before was writing longer scripts with added delay in it. I thought there might be an more elegant way.