Delete a device from Google Home

Is there a way to make Home Assistant not share specific devices with Google Home? I’m using my own integration (like the one shown in the Manual Setup section of this tutorial), not Home Assistant Cloud.

Yes, from the Google Assistant Manager found under the Home Assistant Cloud section, select Manage Entities. There you’ll be able to select the entities you wish to share or not.

If you’ve set it up manually, the YAML config section controls what to make available to Google. I prefer complete control over what is exposed, so I set expose_by_default: false and then explicitly list each device to share.

  project_id: l-assistante
  service_account: !include google_assistant_service_account.json
  report_state: true
  expose_by_default: false
  entity_config: !include google_assistant_entities.yaml

And then, for example:

  name: Back door
  expose: true
  room: Other

Not that I think setting the room actually does anything worthwhile (pretty sure it used to though).

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@michaelblight Thank you!

I already said I’m not using Home Assistant Cloud, but thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware that the section I pointed out was dependent on Google Cloud. Thanks for enlightening me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Did you found any solution?

Where do I find " Google Assistant Manager" ? I need to remove a device in Google home (and leave it in HA) but cant seem to find Google Assistant Manager