Delete Insteon Hub Automations

Hello, I am a new HA user, I have done the Insteon integration. It works correctly, but I need to delete the automations that I had in the Insteon HUB, since when the servers are out of service I cannot delete them through the Insteon application. Could you help me with this?
Thank you very much

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What do you mean by “automations”? Do you mean Insteon scheduled events or do you mean Insteon scenes?

For me it is old schedules I have on the Insteon hub that I now can’t access after Insteon shut down. Lights ares are still following that schedule. Not sure if Praderasking is seeing the same.

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I have this same issue as well. I am trying to delete my old schedules that are stored in the hub and recreate them elsewhere so I can edit them if needed in the future.

I have never dug deep into Insteon automation but is there more to them than turn these on/off at specific time? If no, then maybe they just scenes with a time element and removing the scene would be enough

I am having the same issue. I set up scenes on my Insteon Hub and now that the cloud is shut down I have no way to access them and delete them or change them. The insteon Hub is connected to Home Assistant and all the devices function properly, just need to know how to access and edit the scenes.

Thanks in advance

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I have found myself in the same situation. I am new to HA thanks to insteon shutting down their servers. I am still learning the most basic things in HA at this point. I have several insteon scenes that the insteon hub still runs. I would like to be able to delete them and start fresh to have the scene runs through home assistant. I figure that a factory reset might work, but I have over 50 devices and I don’t want to have to manually discover all of them again if possible.
Has anyone come across a solution for this?


I too am experiencing the same. I tried a factory reset on the hub (2245), but not only does the hub retain the old scene settings, it retains a couple of devices that I no longer wish to use. HA is controlling everything just fine, but I too would like to start fresh.

There is a discussion here Insteon control panel with more responses to this question and it also contains a link to a thread monitored by the author of the Insteon panel that was recently released

Actual discussion that discussed deleting scenes is Insteon scene change - #8 by teharris1