Insteon control panel

For those in the HA community that use Insteon I have been working on a control panel to enable very detail configuration of your Insteon devices within HA. Here is a quick video to show the concept and the current progress.


Great work, @teharris1! However, is the ALDB management implemented solely for the Insteon Hub at this time? I’m using a USB PLM (2413U (0x03, 0x15)) and don’t see this data when accessing the device.


This is still in development so it will not be available for a few more releases of HA. It is getting close but still a ways to go.

Looks awesome so far!

Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to this. :+1:

This looks great! Let me know if there’s something I can do to assist and I’ll see what I can do!

looking forward to this, this is the level of Insteon control that I’ve been missing since moving to HA.