Delete Phantom Blueprint?

when i first started playing with blueprints, i mistakenly used the link in the community portal as the link to import the blueprint (for example: ZWave-JS - GE/Jasco Double Taps) instead of clicking the import blueprint button. i was doing some cleanup today and noticed that there were a few blueprints that showed 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte errors, so i decided to delete them. they didn’t have delete buttons, so i deleted the folders they referenced (since i was not using the blueprints) and they went away. I have one remaining that i cannot figure out how to delete since i do use the blueprint. I’ve deleted the folder, restarted, that removed the pertinent blueprints. i then re-added the folder and restarted, but the ghost one re-appears, leading me to believe that the overall config it must be written elsewhere since it reappears and there are only two blueprints in the kpine directory. anyone have an idea on how to delete this blueprint?

Edited the title since it may have been confusing…

i tried creating a file with the name it was complaining about. it then added 2 more of the phantom entries, but i was able to delete the file. now there are 2 in my blueprints. really wish i could delete these…

if anyone ever runs into this… i think what happened was that i edited one of the blueprints to modify it for my needs and somehow it made a copy of the old one. when looking at the directory, i see the ._ge_double.yaml file that is the culprit. i deleted it and things are back to normal.

drwx------  1 sebastian  staff  16384 May  7 18:09 .
drwx------  1 sebastian  staff  16384 May 14 09:29 ..
-rwx------  1 sebastian  staff   4096 May  3 17:03 ._ge_double.yaml
-rwx------@ 1 sebastian  staff   1134 Apr 18 19:30 ge_double.yaml
-rwx------  1 sebastian  staff   1868 Mar 26 06:01 ge_double_tap_auto_dimmer.yaml