Denon avr-x1400h

Does someone knows if The Amplifier Denon AVR-X1400H is compatible with Hassio?

I think of buying this Amp.

Look here

I use the Denon X1000, X2100W and X3400H with Home assistant. They work really really well !

My only gripe is really with Denon: their implementation of sound modes is messy, gets worse if you use ALL_MODE_STEREO with zone2 (including or not a whole house amp). I use a Monoprice 10761 6 zone amp with great success. All using the HA mini-media-player. Implemented automatic on/off for all devices based on what is going on in what zones and house amp for TV, Sonos, house amp, etc.

I definitely recommend the HA/Denon combination ! In fact, the more you hook up, the more you will enjoy the flexibility, scripts and automation. Can clearly go far beyond Harmony Hub, which I will be retiring.

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