Denon receiver powers on whenever HASSIO restart is done

Whenever I restart HA, my Denon AVR-3312CI receiver automatically powers on.

As part of my HA setup, I restart HA nightly at 4am in order to workaround a problem where my Broadlink switches intermittently become unresponsive. So far the restart is working around the Broadlink problem, but it has introduced the problem where at 4am, when the restart happens, the Denon receiver powers on. Depending on the last state of the receiver before it was powered off, it can obviously wake people up … not a great outcome.

I restart with an automation as follows:-

- alias: Restart HA
  id: '1511334185400'
  - at: 04:00
    platform: time
  condition: []
  - data: {}
    service: homeassistant.restart

If I do a manual restart of HA using the configuration/server management/restart option from the GUI, I get the same result … Denon amp powers on.

I have tried with both the Denon and DenonAVR components, and get the same result. Media player YAML setup looks like the following:-

- platform: denonavr
  name: Familyroom Amp

… or

- platform: denon
  name: Familyroom Amp

… depending on whether I am using the DenonAVR or Denon component.

I have no automations that automatically power on the amp, so fairly certain it is not that.

If I look at my Logbook at the time of restart, I get the “Home Assistant started” event, I see my template sensors updating, my automations turning on (but not triggering), and then I get “Familyroom Amp turned on”.

I cannot work out why this happening, and any help would be appreciated.

Looks like this may be have been caused by the discovery component. I added

    - denonavr

to my configuration.yaml file and it appears to have fixed the problem (limited testing, but so far so good).

Well, looks like I may have claimed success too soon. It is happening again … restart HA, Denon powers up and wakes everyone. It has happened the last 2 restarts. Back to the drawing board!

Clearly I am talking to myself here :grinning:

Anyway, I think I tracked this down to HDMI CEC on an Apple TV. Disabled this in the Apple TV settings, and the amp no longer powers on whenever hassio is restarted.

Clearly when hassio restarts it polls the Apple TV which causes it to wake from sleep, and when it does it sends a CEC signal to the amp to power on.

You can also add Apple TV to the discovery ignore list.
Discovery turns on the Apple TV.

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@bukurat, thanks for that. I have added in apple tv to my discovery ignore list. Will make sure it is all working over the next couple of days, and then I might turn CEC back on and see whether it has any effect.

It should fix it. It stopped my system annoying the wife by switching on the Apple TV, which in turn switched the amplifier and TV off what she was watching or listening to at the time.