Deploy MySQL Docker container with Portainer


I have been browsing, reading, trying but I couldn’t succeed in getting a MySQL database running on my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B / 4Gb with a flashed SD-Card with Home Assistant OS 5.10 version.

I’m experiencing long load times of the history and found out that the standard database software isn’t the quickest around and a migration tot MySQL is advised. So the decision to want that was made pretty quick.
Then I started reading in this community but rather ended up further away than closer to a succes of this ‘project’.

I read everywhere that spinning up a MySQL-Docker is the best way to go. But in the terminal-command-line, the command docker is not recognized.

Because I’ve succesfully managed to have my Roomba i7 connected to my HA server making use of an rest980 and php-nginx docker image thru Portainer I thought it would be a good path to get a MySQL docker image spun up there.

But then… how does that fly?

I’ve red this How to use Portainer? topic and several others, but no MySQL docker is deploying.

Can anyone help me out, or give me some directions to get a few steps further?