Develco and Innr smart plug sensors

I have several Innr SP120 and two Develco SPLZB-131 smart plugs. I control them (and read their status) from HA using a ConBee stick and Deconz. Running latest version HA (0.105.4) in Docker on an Intel NUC.

All of the Innr smart plugs, except one, and one of the Develco smart plugs, but not the other, create sensors for power and consumption in HA. As you understand, one Innr smart plug and one Develco smart plug, do not create these sensors.

The Innr smart plugs report that their on firmware 2.0 (both the ones reporting power and consumption, and the one not reporting those quantities).

The Develco smart plugs are on different FW versions. The one reporting power and consumption is on FW 2018-12-05 03:35, while the one not reporting those quantities are on FW 2018-12-05 01:30.

Has anyone seen something similar, and is there something I can do to get the missing sensors?

For anyone else, experiencing the same issue: A restart of the entire NUC solved the problem. All smart plugs now report power and consumption.

Restart of HA did not do the trick. I did not try to restart the Deconz integration - probably would have solved it since restart of the entire NUC did the trick.