Devi Smart

Does anyone know if the Devi Smart Thermostats are or will be supported?

They seem like a better option than the zwave thermostats available here in Norway!


no support.

According to discussion on official forum they are preparing open API. So probably it may be supported in future.

i found on OH forum what there is some working repo for this device

p.s. it works without they not yet coded 3rd party integration api
p.s.s. i bought yesterday this devireg smart thingy so i’m also interested to get working it on HA

Actually on the official forum there was an answer 5 day ago that open API is postponed until 2020. So there is a chance that project is not dead and we will be able to use official API later.

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Any news from Danfoss, Devi smart?

I see there is a DEVI web interface.
With this, it should be much easier to provide an integration for these thermostats :slight_smile:
Also an official API should be closer … :smiley:

They planned to introduce OpenAPI for DEVIReg regulators this year but it’s still not available AFAIK. If I get any update from them I can share this info here.


Hello, is there any news for this?

No update on this topic, I sent them an email asking about this but didn’t receive answer yet. I’m still optimistic that this will come out this year.

Jakub any updates? I’m searching for Thermostats that I can use with HA and seller from Danfoss suggested DEVIreg, but he con’t tell anything about API.
Did you get a reply from them?

Nope, this time I didn’t get any reply. I just had those thermostats installed recently and I use their app to monitor and control them. I wanted to take a look at their current API which is used by the mobile app to see if maybe we could use it for HA integration. But their initial idea to expose local OpenAPI endpoints would be way better and I still hope they will manage to deliver it. I might drop them another kind email reminder abou this. I also found they have a page where you can check if your device is connected to Internet/cloud:

Jakub thank you for the update.
I just send them an email asked about the same thing. I’ll let you know if I get any reply.
I’ll send you a PM asking about functionality, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Please post all updates. I have 4 not so smart thermostats for every zone and their app is not comfortable to use and not realizes all that I want.
API is good idea. I hope Danfoss opens it

Sorry for bad English)

Anybody experienced with writing integrations? A guy in the OpenHAB community has broken the code, and as far as I see, we ‘only’ have to write an integration that uses his opensdg-library.

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Anybody experienced writing integrations?