"Device_Armed:" on/off

How can I add an on/off “Device_Armed:” Entity to a sensor?

I am new to HA and I would like to enable or disable the sensor devivices function;
In Vera system it was automatically assigned to a Sensor, in HA I don’t understand.
Thank you


What is the function of “armed” for this device?

What integration you using?how is it installed?

What device is this? Make/model

my aim is to try to understand the mechanics of HA.
I used the “vera_alerts” integration which imported the sensors with the Arm / Disarm switch

In the VERA system when there is a sensor, there is also the possibility to Arm or Disarm it (on / off) that is, if it has to be on guard or at rest.

Eg. a sensor can signal movement but, if the switch is Armed, it activates the Alarm Scene; In case I want to open an Armed window, I Disarm it in order not to start the Alarm Scene.
Then I create the scenes based on the Sensor and its on / off status

How can I do this in HA?

You could use Manual alarm but that not allow disable sensor individually

I think maybe look at the Alarmo Custom Integration. It may provide all function you require. I never use but look promising

Another method is individual automation or group automation. I think in case of smart home multiple sensor and device are together and push notification allow many method for security monitoring. Basically more creative and useful method for alarm vs just siren when detect.

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Thanks for your help…
Another use of this “switch” in 2 scenes is, for example:

  • If Sensor X is Disarmed and detects motion = Turn on the light X
  • If Sensor X (+Y+Z+etc) is Armed and they detect movement = the Alarm is triggered
    In HA I don’t understand how I can do these 2 simple scenes! … I have to learn a lot

I’ll do some tests with “Alarmo” right away and let you know. :wink:

You can template this logic in automations , scripts it maybe make group whose bales is ON only when all group is ON

Look at “groups” and look at various “template” examples. Templates may use dynamic entities or evaluate inputs.

There are many ways to accomplish what you want but I think questions is what is easiest and most efficient

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