Device Tracker does not update

Hey all,

I have a problem with a phone that does not update the device_tracker location (line 1 on the screenshot).
As you can see on the screenshot the geocoded location (line 3) ist updated when the phone moves out of a zone but the zone does not change for a long time (tested about an hour). It never changes to “away” or “not_home” (not sure what it should be).

The app has all rights to run in background etc.

Any suggestions?

start here:

Noticed that step 3 was incorrect. Make sure: Background Location, Location Zone and Single Accurate Location are enabled. High accuracy does not need to be as it only reflects the state of a setting.

Yes I know.
Step 3 (Unrestricted Data Access) was the only option not enabled for HA in the phone settings.
Enabled this one too but I am not sure if this will help since it is not enabled on another phone either which works though.
But I will test and let you know.

sorry I meant step 4 lol, also your next steps are to look at the logs after checking the settings mentioned. The logs will tell you if we are getting location updates from google or not so they are a good place to start. If you dont see any location in the logs then I would go up one troubleshooting step and follow the start over steps

Yeah, I got you right on the first try. It’s 3 options in step 4 - can be confusing :sweat_smile:.

There is a typo in the docs. It has to be “LocBroadcastReceiver”, not “LocBroadcastReveiver” :roll_eyes:
The logs show the entries. At least now. We will see if this did the trick.
Thanks for now!

D’oh I’ll send an update for that in a bit

Glad it’s started to work for you

@dshokouhi Go ahead. I am not into editing the docs.

It seems, the app now stopped transmitting any data at all.



So I will try to start over later today. :unamused:

if you havent started over yet, I would start by checking the app configuration logs to see what errors are showing up