Device_tracker issue

My wife and I were out of state, 7 hours from home. When arriving home last night, Ariela finally updated the device_tracker to show I was home (after it show me sitting in the same place 300 miles from home for 4 hours). It’s even worse for my wife. The device tracker still shows she’s 450 miles from home and its been this way since yesterday afternoon.

When this happened before, restarting HA never fixed it, so I’d always force stop Ariela on both our phones and restart it. This usually corrected the issue. She doesn’t use Ariela at all, and it’s a real pain to have her force kill/restart the app or restart her phone. I’m using a Moto Z3 and she’s using a Pixel 2 XL.

Can something be done to Ariela to realize when the GPS isn’t updating or are there some settings in the app for tracking I can adjust to fix this?

I haven’t been able to investigate my issue - but I am having trouble with device tracking as well.
I have Ariela setup to running as a service in the background - using WIFI for location instead of GPS (for battery savings). A few months ago this worked fine.

The last couple of months I’ve noticed my location is no longer updating if I back out of (close) Ariela. I will check hours after returning home on my PC and my phone is still listed as “Away”. I will then open Ariela and it quickly updates to “Home”.

Again, I haven’t been able to test different scenario’s to figure out if there are certain circumstances where it does / does not work… so I haven’t bother the developer with it - but wanted to share.



A new option will be available for the device tracker that could improve thing. @Allanon please send me the Ariela logs so i can check it out. @DeadEnd you too please if possible.

@DeadEnd i think i found a issue. Since the WiFi & Zones option has been introduced, its possible that the network you put as the home wifi to not have assigned zone.home to it, meaning Ariela will not going to tell HA that you are home when you are connected to such network. I will provide a fix for this issue on the next Ariela release.

I believe they are set correctly as the home zone:


That looks ok. Btw, do you have location permission for Ariela, else the app will not be able to retrieve the current connected wifi name