Device Tracker sort of working

I too am having a similar issue and situation as described by Allanon here:

The device tracker works fine on my phone. I installed Ariela on my wife’s phone simply for the device tracker portion and it does not seem to be working. I created a new user for my wife in HA and linked it to her phone. I then logged into her phone with the new user and used my Nabu casa link as the External IP. I checked her permissions and location and storage are both set but I’m still not seeing updates. I have forced reintegration a couple of times and still nothing.

I enabled the Debugging but don’t see any debug messages in HA. Is there a different place i’m supposed to find them?

Enable debug mode in Ariela and please use the contact option which will automatically attach the logs. Once you send them i will check it out :smiley:

Thanks Ionut. When my wife gets home this evening I’ll send the logs. Debug mode has been enabled for a couple of days so hopefully it won’t be too much to trod through.

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