Dexcom + Alexa + Node Red

i was using sugarmate to grab json info but since they are back up, they are no longer providing json data. i then was using home assistant to pull the data and now that is broke. I then resorted to using xdrip to upload data to a influxDB however it does not always upload the data and then the cycle time for the upload is slow. I am looking for a better way so i can get my alert system going again. idk what else to do.

I am also pissed at Sugarmate for taking the JSON API away. I am letting them know that this makes Sugarmate almost useless for me.

The Dexcom integration may be up again soon:

Ont thing I am doing is to explore making a BLE receiver to scrape the data directly from the sensor/transmitter. This would have the potential of eliminating all third party reliances. But BLE is a new technology for me to develop anything. If you or anyone interested in this subject wants to help, I am planning to use the HC-05 BLE module on Arduino.

The issue with the Dexcom integration is that Dexcom, unannounced, modified their API and broke the responses all the apps were expecting. This appears to have only affected non-USA accounts.

Check out this thread:

There is a solution near the bottom, for those who use HASS OS.

Do I need to be using an xdrip pump to do this?

yeah, that is what i did. now the HA integration is working again in the lastest update but need to find something that was just as good as the json data from sugarmate was. nothing is as reliable as that was. HA integration updates 2 minutes after dexcom actually updates. I put in a feature request to poll the data more often. like 30 seconds to a minute. i know that dex updates every 5 but if HA polls data 2 or 3 minutes after dexcom, it is useless at certain times.

This is my feature request that I put. if it would poll every 30 seconds that would be way more helpfull

Unclear- do I need to be using the xdrip pump to get my BG data?

Right now i am using home assistant to populate the data in node-red.

the other option is to use xdrip to put data into a influxDB and then use node-red to pull that data. either way is not perfect. the influxDB sometimes does not update the trending arrow and I am unsure why it does that. the HA way, just doesn’t poll the data as often as i would like.

OK, let me ask the question another way. How are you using Xdrip to get your BG data from Dexcom?

i selected dexcom share as the source. i put the login and password and it grabs the info from dexcom. I am using one of the nightlies. the one i am using is from the 8th of december. I actually have it running in a android emulator on one of my pcs that run 24/7

ok, i now have dexcom on my home assistant install doing a scan interval ever 30 seconds instead of the 180seconds that were originally set on the home assistant integration/

I do want to find a way to pull the data directly from dexcom and not rely on home assistant to do it but for now. i am happy with how this works. (i hope)

I am interested in exploring this solution, but you started in the middle of the story. What is xdrip? I thought it was a brand of pump.

What integration? There is no xdrip integration in Home Assistance?

Android Emulator? Now I am really going to need a step-by-step tutorial.

in home assistant, if you are running the newest version they have a dexcom intregration. you go to configuration, devices and services, add integrations. dexcom is in there. you just put the login and password in and it will update.

as for the xdrip / influxDB idea? that is a bit more complicated. xdrip is a app for android (maybe iphone too but idk), i have it use a dexcom share (login and password) and in xdrip you can have it upload the data to the “cloud” account (in this case influxdb). then in node red you have to use influxdb node to pull the data from the database. it really is a pain in the butt doing it this way which is why i choose to do the home assistant way.

I want to use the dexcom API to pull the data and not need home assistant or xdrip/influxdb because the whole point of my alert system was to run on its own. yes, i will have to rely on my internet and dexcom services to be up but that is better.

I can write up a tutorial on the xdrip/influxdb method but it will take some time.

Thanks for filling in the gaps. I really thought that xdrip was a pump, so that is why I was confused.

I did investigate using the Dexcom API, but the hoops to jump through to get access were geared toward a product, not personal use. Let me know if you have better luck.

I have not done anything with BLE, but I am wondering why I couldn’t use an HC-05 on an Arduino to sniff the data from the transmitter?

the bad part with the dexcom, it only has 2 channels on it. 1 would be use for the phone or receiver and other would be for the pump. also, the phone can not run dexcom program and xdrip for 1 channel. i find this super annoying since technically it is 1 channel, not 2.

What pump? Are you saying that I can’t link a BLE receiver to the transmitter?

if you don’t have a pump that you can link to dexcom, then yes. we have a tslim2 that we link to ours so the phone on 1 channel and the tslim on the other channel.

Any idea on how to pull from the dexcom api? I honestly would like to eliminate the middleman (HA) and just have node-red pull the data directly.

How is HA a “middle man”? (Just trying to understand that rationale.)

A quick google turns up many results on accessing the Dexcom API.

Are you perhaps asking for something, without HA Integration, that calls the API through http post/get?