Difference between RFXtrx433E or SONOFF® RF Bridge

Hi all,

Can someone tell me what the difference is beteween

RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz Transceiver (http://www.rfxcom.com/store/Transceivers/14103)


SONOFF® RF Bridge (https://www.banggood.com/SONOFF-RF-Bridge-WiFi-433-MHz-Replacement-Smart-Home-Automation-Universal-Switch-p-1179900.html?rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto&cur_warehouse=UK)

Is there a reason why the first one costs 109 euro and the second one 12 euro?
has is something to do with receiving range etc?
or are those 2 whole different products?

They are 2 whole different products. The Sonoff RF bridge is a great product when flashed with Tasmota or OpenMQTTGateway, but it has a limited number of protocols it supports. The RfxTrx supports a wider range of protocols. There is something in between, an rflink.

It all depends on what you want to do with it. I have two RF bridges flashed with OpenMQTTGateway, and two RFLinks, don’t have an RfxTrx.

What would you recommend?
all i want to use is:

  • simple door sensors
  • click on click of switches: [LINK]
  • WiFi Smart Socket Power Plug [LINK]
  • sonoff wall switches [LINK]

The RFXtrx433E and RFXtrx433XL operates at 433.92MHz but can also control Somfy RTS at 433.42MHz, Gaposa motors at 434.15MHz and MCZ pellet stove at 434.50MHz.
This is not possible by any other transceiver.
For the full list of supported devices by the RFXtrx see chapter 2.2.2 in RFXtrx User Guide available at http://www.rfxcom.com/Downloads

So what protocol should i use for the above then?

What about this : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000018612660.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.52e3a3adAAeXBd&algo_pvid=5a30613a-4685-4fe3-a5c2-226ecb1ee6aa&algo_expid=5a30613a-4685-4fe3-a5c2-226ecb1ee6aa-3&btsid=cd006065-0c03-4870-ad07-fdf284fa9cf0&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52

And this:

rtl_433 and an RTLSDR are useless if he wants to control his RF433 equipment from HA. They can only receive, not send.

The sonoff rf bridge will work with the door sensors and the sonoff wall switches. it will not work with the KAKU switches, for these you need an rflink or an RfxTrx.

The wifi smart socket power plug is not an rf433 device, so none of them will work. But if you have a spare rf433 remote control, you can switch them on and off through HA.


my parens now also have an older MCZ stove, i dont want to setup there an HA

so that sonof bridge looks interesting? is it a complete kit? i dont need to use anything else? its connects to wifi… i seems it can learn things/command that can be used with the sonof smart app?

i was wonderting if it could be used with the MCZ stove , as a standalone device…
currently not interested in an rfxcom, too compliate to install at my parents :slight_smile: