Different GA for target_temperature_address in different operation_modes

Hi all,
i´am from germany and new to HA.
i tried to connect my Siemens Synco room controller to HA via KNX.
I already get it working and use the simple thermostat card for my gui.

The problem i have is that the controller uses different GA for the target_temperature_address in the different operation_modes “comfort”, “away” and “sleep”.
Every card using the climate entity is showing and writing the setpoint using the value that comes from the “target_temperatur_address”, so i need to change the GA if i change the operation mode.

Can anyone show me a opportunity to get a solution?
Also if i should go a completely different way.

So sorry for my bad english and
thank you in advance.


Oh, now that is a configuration way I have never seen… and I’ve seen many :rofl:
Unfortunately I don’t think there is a simple solution. 2 ways I can think of

  • use 3 distinct climate entities.
  • use a new (or internal) GA for target_temperature_address and forward it to the GA according to current operation mode (eg. with an automation).

You may have a look at this custom component providing a template climate entity, since this is afaik the only platform that doesn’t have a template version in core :grimacing:

Hi thank you for your reply.
your first solution is the one i also have.
I created

But i have no idea how i can create a new or internal GA and forward it.

The second solution is not usable, because it does not support operation_modes, only HVAC modes.

You can use internal GAs by just configuring a string starting with “i-” instead of a GA, Eg. target_temperature_address: i-wohnzimmer_target.
Then in an automation use a knx_event trigger with destination: i-wohnzimmer_target, get the mode and use knx.send service to forward the (raw) payload the trigger did receive.
See https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/knx/#events and https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/knx/#send

don’t know what exactly you mean

Thank you again, but also to me “don´t know what exactly you mean” with your answer. :woozy_face:

Can i have a GA in a “variable” in the "configuration.yaml, that i can fill with the real GA?

You can send to a virtual GA. In a standard HA automation you can react to an “incoming” telegram to that virtual GA and send to a real one based on some if/then or choose logic.

I‘m still searching for another Solution.
Is it possible to read a standalone „setpoint“ value from KNX to get a value that i can change it in HA?
So i could set the „sleep“ or „away“ setpoint independent from the „climate“ funktion?

Oh i think i could try „number“.

I will test it this evening and reply.

Yes for me “number” did the job.
I set address and state_address to the same GA.

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