Differing icons for switches/toggles


I’ve been using home assistant for a while and it’s great! :slight_smile:
There’s one thing i can figure out though. I get different icons for light. Both on/off buttons and toggles.
In the picture below the “TV Lights” is a Tellstick dimmer. “Couch Lights” is a Tellstick switch and “Kitchen Table Light” is a z-wave light.
Can i somehow get the toggle on the z-wave light to show up instead of the lighting-icon on the others?

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You should be able to change the icons like in the following example here:
customize: switch.ac: icon: 'mdi:air-conditioner'

Just change the entity and icon according to your wishes.

For switches with an assumed state two buttons are shown (turn off, turn on) instead of a switch. By setting assumed_state to false you will get the default switch icon.


But isn’t that to configure the icons on the left? The light bulbs for example. I want to change the toggles/buttons that you interact with on the right side (in the red-marked areas).

Yeap, you are right, I have misunderstood the question. I think Danielhiversen has the right answer.

That worked great :slight_smile: Thanks!

Why cant a single button show “assumed state” by just change state (Color/shape etc). to save space and make it possible to use a larger button!