Dimming ikea lights with ikea dimmers the right way in nodered

hello community,

i’m fairly new to Home Assistant, my smarthome consist mosly out of IKEA bulbs and dimmers/sensors, i was looking for a way to dim the IKEA bulbs the way IKEA does it; smooth. after fiddling around for hours and hours i found out that the IKEA bulbs have a dimming fucntion included in the bulb. so you send one or a few commands to the bulb and it wil dim smoothly at specific units per second, following commands can be used:

  "brightness_move": -40, // Starts moving brightness down at 40 units per second
  "brightness_move": 0, // Stop moving brightness
  "brightness_step": 40 // Increases brightness by 40
  "color_temp_move": 60, // Starts moving color temperature up at 60 units per second
  "color_temp_move": "stop", // Stop moving color temperature
  "color_temp_step": 99, // Increase color temperature by 99

(for specific bulbs look at https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/supported-devices/ )

So i made a node-red flow to control IKEA bulbs with IKEA dimmers trough HA. in the picture explained. the dimming is smooth like you get with the normal IKEA dimmers/bulbs out of the box.


again; I am a Home Assistant newbie who had a hard way of fouding out and i hope i can help others with this simple explanation.


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Hi SonicChainz,

Could you post the entire YAML solution for the on/off dimmer switch?
I am just starting with the YAML editor and I am having troubles figuring out where I need to put this `brightness_step: 40 part. Also to make sure that it keeps dimming until you release the button. Now it works but I need to click and hold the button repeatedly.

Thank you

Wonderful! Soooo easy!