Disable integration from CLI

Couple of days ago HASS frontend stopped working (web and mobile versions). Page just can’t be loaded. I have an access to CLI and in core logs I see only errors in blink integration. I want to disable it to check if it affects the whole system but I can’t find a way how to do it.

PS: I see addons command but as I remember addons != integrations. Also it lists all available addons so I see only several last addons (I can’t scroll the screen). I didn’t find commands like less to display only part of data.

I had a similar problem after I enabled MQTT. HomeAssistant became unresponsive so I had a big problem. After hours of searching I found the solution.

Go to the cmd shell (connect a monitor and keyboard).
Type “login” to get into the Linux shell.

Integrations are stored here:

Using vi you can delete sections out of this file which removes the integration.
Use vi core.config_entries
Then use i to enter insert mode and delete (backspace) the section you want to remove.
Then use esc to enter command mode again.
Use :wq to write and exit.

Some basics VI editor commands
i — Switch to Insert mode.
Esc — Switch to Command mode.
:w — Save and continue editing.
:wq or ZZ — Save and quit/exit vi.
:q! — Quit vi and do not save changes.

After that I could use HA again.


This worked for me, when I had trouble starting HA. It constantly crashed when loading zha. But with this trick I was able to remove the integration and start HA!