Discover USB in integration

I want to create an integration to integrate VE.Direct messages I receive via USB from a Victron Energy Solar Controller.
The protocol is fairly easy, just a list of \r\n<key>\t<value> with the last one having Checksum as key and some simple checksum as value.

I created a skeleton for the integration and added an usb property to the manifest.json, but I miss, how I can now connect to USB.
I expected to have some kind of reader or object I can read from to then go on with the next step to parse the input and map it for home-assistant.

I have to hin that I’m not at all familiar with python and how to structure the code there. I have more knowledge on Java, Ruby JavaScript, so once I have the reading part, I hope to be able to do the mapping and provide the data as sensor information.

I have tried to understand this from documentation about the Manifest, did not find if the discovery would help me, and I’m not sure, if I need a config flow.

Would apreceate some hints,

P.S.: Was not able to add more than 2 links as my account is new, have removed the links to the documentation I took a look at.

Your usb is probably recognized as serial port, dev/tty or something, you can try to check hardware tab:

Please have a look at the plugwise code here: plugwise-beta/ at ab66ebabab3d8c88e09439a8c2e1a435c94f4360 · plugwise/plugwise-beta · GitHub
This code supports the Plugwise USB Stick.
More info is present in other files in this github.

Also, have you searched this forum? There’s this Victron Energy VEDirect Bluetooth