DIY 8x32 RGB status display: "Awtrix"

I like the concept of this cheap 8x32 pixel RGB matrix as display for status informations samples. As i allready stated here: DIY 8x32 RGB status display with appdaemon "PixelIt"

There is an alternative approach named awtrix. Awtrix needs an internetconnection and a local server.

The deveplopment is ongoing, i recommend to use the beta-version because the new feature “customapp” makes it easy to feed data from HA to the display.

For the server i made a add-on to feed data to the display you can use this python_script


Great! Thanks a lot!

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It’s possible to run more than one awtrix display? I didn’t find the option on the awtrix server. it’s possible to run tow of your plugins on the same device (with different ports)? Or is there a other solution? Thanks for helping

Salut Yves,
thats a limitation from the awtrix-developer, you can drive two or more displays but all with the same content. To display different content on each display you need one awtrix-server per display. This is mainly because the “brain” is in the server. german forum

There is a similar aproach named pixelt there it is easier to drive multiple independent displays.

I only made the “bridge” between HA and the display-software. So i can’t change the overall design.

If you are french, i am desperatly looking forward to visit france again. Corona sucks.