☔ DIY Zigbee rain gauge

@FranziGruell not during an operation, but this spring an spider build its cocoon in the flip mechanism… just open the casing to check mechanism…

br Frank

Very nice project! I got the aqara door sensor and the rain bucket is coming today. But where to put which yaml code? The sensor code goes in the configuration.yaml? But the utility meter, template and what is the lovelace code for daily, montly and a year? Sorry for my noob questions.

You can put all code in the configuration.yaml. If you split the configuration.yaml in multiple files, you should add it into the seperated files.

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@atv Your messages helped me out to get it working. Now im struggeling with the weekly, montly and yearly rainfall. How did you fix it? With the utility meter? Where to put that yaml code? I get error when i put it in sensors.yaml.

@parrel thanks! also with the code from atv i solved it. Now i’m struggeling with the utility meter. In the sensors.yaml i get errors when i place it there.

edit: solved! just put in in automations.yaml and now it works :slightly_smiling_face:
i had also the source sensor (daily rain) wrong. After naming correctly it works.