☔ DIY Zigbee rain gauge

Is there still a need for this or any advantages instead of using the history stats way?

When i restart HA the value of the rainsensor won’t reset.

I could never get the original method to work properly, it would always reset after restarting HA and I’d lose the total for the day.

The counter method has worked flawlessly for me.

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I wanted to show a chart of weekly rainfall over a year. I uses Apex charts as below but the chart only ever shows the current week or so, any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
type: custom:apexcharts-card
graph_span: 365d
show: true
show_states: true
start: week
offset: ‘-364d’

  • entity: sensor.rainfall_weekly
    color: aqua
    type: column
    func: max
    duration: 1w

It’s probably because your apexchart only looks at the history, which is kept for 2 weeks by default I think. The chart should use the long term statistics, which contains data kept ‘forever’.

You could use the default HA card, and do it like this.

chart_type: bar
period: week
type: statistics-graph
  - sensor.rain_week
  - state
title: Weekly
days_to_show: 365

Thanks, I tried that and it just stuck on displaying “Loading statistics…”

How is the respons time and sensitivity of this rain gauge? Does it respond immediately when it’s starting to drizzle? Like picture below?

This gauge is mainly to measure the amount of rain, rather than detecting rain. For detecting rain, there is a better way. Search for rain drop sensor. You can hook that sensor up to an aqara sensor as well

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I want to setup the apex card to graph the forecast and intensity, I am looking over it probably in this chain, but do you have a code for the card? I tried to make it myself using the attributes of the buienalarm but have not been successful.

Thanks for this DYI project!

Accuracy is 0.3 mm. It reacts after detecting such precipitation. Overall, it works very nicely. I calibrated it with a manual meter and it is perfect.

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I’ve added it to the original post, under the screenshots of the graphs!