Do not auto-expose new entities to Google Assistant

Would it be possible to add an option to the Home Assistant Cloud so that new entities not auto exposed to Google Assistant?

Currently any new entity added to Home Assistant are automatically exposed to Google Assistant. I would like the option to switch this behavior off. For example, adding several devices to HA may add things useful for an automation, but none of them are useful additions to Google Assistant. Moreover, if a light is reconfigured as a switch, the two entities are exposed to Google Assistant, causing confusion.

Personally I would rather select what is exposed to Google Assistant rather than have to actively remove the entities afterwards (which I forget to do!).

Similar request for Alexa

Also agree with this request

I think this is already possible if you check the docs :slight_smile:

No, this is not what is available now. Right now, if you add a new switch or script to HA, it is automatically exposed to Google.
@denham please provide the link to the docs if you think otherwise.

I agree it doesn’t exist yet. I only showed interest for Alexa next to Google Assistant.

@Codec303 mentioned checking the docs, so forwarding your question to him :wink:

Came here to make this same request. I have the Alexa service connected, but I expose very little to that service. Every time I add a new entity, I receive an Alexa notification that it’s now connected. I have to go disconnect that entity and then remove the unavailable entity in the Alexa app. This is very annoying behavior that I would love an option to change. Hope this topic gets noticed.

edit: after some more searching I found this which worked for me.

If you go to settings - voice assistants, you can switch it off there