Do NOT Buy Slaesh's Zigbee Stick

little bit strange

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Not good. Seems like someone trying to discredit him

What exactly is strange?

I’ve stumbled upon the topic in Google while looking for ways to contact Slaesh as he was silent in Telegram and has no email posted anywhere.

So I signed up with Github here to share the same experience as the topic author…

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Well, if you ignore your customers for weeks - you already discredit yourself a bit… no communication, nothing. Only after the issue in Github he sent a mind blowing mail to everyone who ordered, which was… weird

If someone is thinking that some people are overreacting, go there and buy the stick yourself. You’ll regret you did it.
Still the same status on mine, DHL label created but never picked up.

Yes, I am thinking this is an overreaction. :slight_smile: I have ordered a dongle and I am relaxed about it.


  • It still is the midth of a global pandemic. In Germany, where Slaesh is living, the regulations and orders change in an amazing speed from dumb to dumber. It is a difficult and trying time, and people need to relax and understand, that not everything they order is “Amazon Prime next day delivery”.
  • You will not loose any money. You paid with PayPal. If you can’t or don’t want to wait, open a dispute and get your money back.
  • This is a one-man-show. Not a big company. There are possible reasons for delays. Or did your life not change in this uncertain times?

And last but not least, let me ask you one question: why on earth do you make such a personal thing out of it? I could write threads the whole day long about delivery estimates and reality from other companies. Still waiting for eight weeks now for an order from China. So…

Do what you would do if that would be Amazon. You would cancel your order, get your money back and move on.

Did one of you even think about the workload these “mimimi” threads put on one person? Without that needless s*** maybe the dongles would have been already shipped, who knows…


Nothing strange as well here. I am starting with my Smart Home project and do not want to start with USB stick failure. The same experience as with @blind-oracle

@mate, I suggest to write on the topic and do not create some conspiracy theories.

The point here that we have some expectations. I have not receive any reply starting from Feb 27th. Sorry, but it is not normal at all.

That’s my point. It is not normal, nor good customer service, that’s out of question. But, despite to many other cases, you have the chance to do something about it: Get your money back. :wink:

Nobody would even think about opening an extra thread to rant about a missing Amazon order. If it doesn’t work, get the money back and move on. That’s what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

I just got my tracking number from DHL Mar 29 2021

Ordered Mar 6 2021

Fingers crossed!

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People who are talking about an overreacting - are you crazy? facepalm.
There is NO information on their website that it can be delays, so I bought 3 sticks (more than 100 Eur) month ago and paid my money with bunq service (not PayPal). Since I paid, I had NO reply from them - no delivery info, no tracking number, nothing! NOTHING! I blocked my money and have NO answer from seller. Is it overreacting? Are you kidding me? Should I be patient? I thing NO! Even after I asked them to cancel my order, I have no reply! Once again - just NOTHING! Silence!
Ok, if you paid with Paypal you can be protected, but what if you pay with bunq? Now I am not sure if I sometime return my money back…

Wahoooo, did not see there were so many topics about it, so I’ll just copy/paste here :

I ordered my second USB Stick on March, 1st.
And I just received it in France yesterday March, 30th
A little bit longer than my fist purchase in October 2020 (which was from the same vendor but on Tindie website), but still OK from my point of view according to the worldwide situation.

I got a mail on March, 9th selling product was dispatched with a DHL tracking number.

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Just wondering: 3 sticks for 1 x HA-installation? One as the coordinator and the two others reflashed as routers?

no, it is 3 different installations. For me it doesn’t worth (just too expensive) to use 2652 as a router. CC2531 is really great as a router in my installation (but it is too weak as a coordinator).

I see. Having 2 pcs. of CC2530 + CC2591 as routers and slaesh’s stick as a coordinator gives our 600 sqm 2 storey concrete house great coverage everywhere.

Some-one who communicates likes this, deserves no business. I luckily got my money back as he didn’t respond to my PayPal claim (and to various emails/telegrams). If he would have read it, he would have known to not send out my order. Now I got a free stick…

Nope. If you don’t respond to communication (in which I even asked to cancel the order) and obviously didn’t read it, then that’s your own problem.
And how would I send anything back if he doesn’t respond. Can’t adress it to “Slaesh, Germany”, can I?

I really hope you checked your spam

Of course I did.

I have finally received my stick on April 2nd after ordering on February 27th. Actually, it was shipped only on March 26th, so delivery was pretty fast. The stick itself works as expected. Thanks, Slaeh for it!

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Update: 31 of March I received an email from slaesh, that my order is cancelled and they need my bank account info to return my money back. I have already written several emails with my bank info, but again NO response… for already 2 weeks.
I don’t have the order and I don’t have my money, more than 100EUR. WTF… what I did wrong?..
Unfortunately, Bunq service don’t have any buyer protection, they only suggested to go to the police.