Does anyone know a way to get Kingspan Watchman Sensit Oil tank sensor working with HA

Having managed to run out of heating oil in our oil tank I have invested in a Kingspan Watchman Sensit
Which measures the oil level in the tank in the garden and updates an app on my phone
With the levels etc. It is - I think - just a UK product. Does anyone know of a way of linking it to HA?
Bit of a long shot but someone may have a solution……

Yes, I’ve managed it with Appdaemon, MQTT and some code from here:

It’s not exactly polished but it works…

Hi I can get the script to work but can’t see how to integrate that into home assistant, new to me.

You need to use appdaemon.

Code is here. Let me know if you get it working:

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Hi @foboundy. Just trying to get this working with my Home Assistant. I’ve followed your instructions right up to the Tank APP section. Forgive me if I am being dumb, but I can’t find and I am completely stumped by the instruction to merge the contents of apps.yampl into the apps.yaml file in config/appdaemon/apps

@foboundy - I would really like to get this working with my HA instance. Appreciate it if you can provide guidance for someone who is not technical and has never used Appdaemon.

@dave_row /@ellchester - did either of you ever get this working?

Sorry - only just seen this. I’ll get back to you once I’ve had a proper look.

Edit - no wonder you were stumped. Most of the necessary files hadn’t synced to GitHub! Have another look and let me know how you get on.

LOL - Thanks. BTW, I did message Jon (the writer of the code you are leveraging) and he is up for the challenge of building a HA Integration for this which would be fantastic for me as a hobbiest!

That would be great. A step beyond my current understanding of HA I’m afraid.

That would be fantastic!!!

Indeed. It seems the bones are already there…

"Some progress yes. I needed to rewrite kingspan-connect-sensor to have an asynchronous version that is compatible with HA which has been published to PyPI now. I have a new package (GitHub - masaccio/ha-kingspan-connect-sensor: Kingspan Connect Sensor integration for Home Assistant) which will be the custom integration that gets added to HA but it’s not passing tests yet, mainly because I don’t quite understand how HA packages are built. Still, it’s moving forward and when I have this working I’ll probably build a NAD amplifier integration as the built-in one is not great and needs to be hacked to work.

I’ll let you know when it works for me but the idea is to just add it in HACS and it’ll prompt you for a username and password and that’s it."

There’s an open issue here: Can't get this to work · Issue #1 · masaccio/ha-kingspan-connect-sensor · GitHub

This is now working via a custom repository in HACS :clap: Search for Watchman SENSiT…

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I don’t see it for some reason. Have tried searching

Sorry, I may have misled you…. Try adding this custom repository to HACS GitHub - masaccio/ha-kingspan-watchman-sensit: Kingspan Connect Sensor integration for Home Assistant

Thanks - not sure how GitHub works etc if I don’t just add an integration through HA normally. Is there a simple guide on how to do this?

Actually worked it out now - thanks for creating. I’ll see if I can use it properly - I’ve been hoping someone might create this!!

So I’ve installed it - under the integration I don’t see any devices or entities - I’m looking to add it to a gauge on my mushroom dashboard but I can’t see an entity or device (ie Kingspan, watchman or sensit to use to show the level in a gauge or use with an automation. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @ellchester - I am not smart enough to build anything like this and can’t take any credit. I managed to get hold of the developer and he built this which is fantastic. You can find him on github via the the handle of “masaccio”.

I added the repository (needed a restart of HA) then on the Services>Devices & Settings page press the “Add Integration”, search for “Kingspan Watchman SENSIT” and install. It will ask you for your username and password and then bingo you will have a number of new sensors.

Here is my dashboard entry;

And here is the code for it;

type: vertical-stack
  - type: entities
      - entity: sensor.last_reading_date
    title: Heating Oil
    state_color: false
  - type: horizontal-stack
      - type: custom:mini-graph-card
          - sensor.oil_level
        hours_to_show: 720
      - type: gauge
        entity: sensor.tank_percentage_full
          green: 35
          yellow: 25
          red: 0
        needle: true
        max: 100
        min: 0
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Have deleted and reinstalled 3 times now working perfectly - thank you!!

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