Does HA KNX integration support free format address groups?

Hi there, I just found out about HA and its KNX integration and it’s just what I need atm.
In the KNX integration page I read that it support the classic 3 level address format (eg. 1/1/1) but the ETS project I have has free address format (eg. 1224). So, does HA supports free address style?

It does support 2-level (1/5) and free format also. If it doesn’t work you can always calculate your GA numbers to 3-level format and configure it with the converted value.
You may have to configure it as string. So put quotation marks around the numbers (eg address: "1224").

Please let me know if you run into troubles with this.

Thank you, it works just fine by putting the group address in double quotes as you said.

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