Doing a reset of config - Few queries to achieve Homekit compatibility

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Hi All

I have an old HA setup which I am willing to start from scratch. I have a few queries about my existing config if usable and new goal I am trying to achieve.

Comparing my old yaml file and new vanilla created I want to know if these are still relevant and if I should do the same way or there is a better method.

    base_url: XXXXX:XXXX
    ssl_certificate: /config/ssl/fullchain.pem
    ssl_key: /config/ssl/privkey.pem

This was used to config domain name and SSL cert

The following also missing in new config

# Discover some devices automatically
# Allows you to issue voice commands from the frontend in enabled browsers


  default: critical
    homeassistant.core: warn
    homeassistant.components: info critical
    requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool: error


  purge_keep_days: 30


GOAL: Achieve Homekit control for all devices
Backup Goal: Do all this via Google Assistant if not homekit

I am running HA on docker on Synology NAS.

So I want to start fresh and have following devices I want to integrate into HA so that I can get them to homekit and control via iPhones across the house…

  • Logitech Harmony Hub - I have a lot of activities switching TV / Receiver / IPTV / Projector etc. I want to be able to just use the same configed activity in homekit if possible
    :white_check_mark: But still bit more polishing needed to get fluid talk with Siri

  • Philips Hue - Have few lights, sensors, dimmers - want to be able to control all by homekit (can still do directly - so any point integrating?)
    :white_check_mark: No need as direct homekit integration?

  • Bluetooth Lights - I have some bluetooth enabled Clipsal lights - how can I control them centrally and integrate with Harmony activities i.e. dim lights when “movie” activity turned on. Detecting Bluetooth pairing and controlling is the problem I see - I have a Raspberry Pi 4 on the way if that is going to help to do that?

  • RF Curtain Motor - I have tried to teach Harmony Hub to learn the RF but it detects first time and then unable to detect movements. The company has its own properity hub which allows connection to Google Assistant / Alexa if that helps - willing to buy if needed. I also have a Broadlink RM3 but that is same thing. Detects first time and then on movement teach it doesn’t. Maybe its rolling code or something.

  • Blue Iris / IP Dahua Cameras - Not sure what I currently can achieve but have few cameras I would like to control / see / alerts centrally on homekit if possible
    :white_check_mark: Somewhat done - just shows cameras and nothing else

  • Nest DoorBell - would like to make it central to Homekit for video and alerts. Has its own app

  • Wifi Aircons - Have Mitsubishi Wifi MAC-568IF units and want to control centrally. It gives ability to addon to Google Assistant but not setup yet.
    :white_check_mark: Done

  • Garage Gate - This is via iSmartgate which has a direct integration with Homekit
    :white_check_mark: No need as direct homekit integration?

  • Roborock: Got a robo vaccum if I can again control via homekit centrally.

  • Yale Doorlock: Has homekit compatibility already so I guess not needed to put in HA?
    :white_check_mark: No need as direct homekit integration?

If someone can please help me achieve my goal that will be awesome!!! Appreciate any help…