Don't bother >> Arlec Grid Connect Smart E27 LED GLD322HA (Firmware V1.5.21) Oz

TLDR; Probably don’t bother with these.
The firmware (V1.5.21) has been patched and so they can’t be flashed wirelessly. I thought I’d dump this here in case anyone else is thinking the same (and my searches didn’t turn up much).

After having success with thier smart plugs, I thought I’d grab a bulb and see if it can be flashed with ESPHome via Cloudcutter.

I cracked it open and it had a CB2L which was looking promising.

I couldn’t spot a cloudcutter device for it so I got the firmware version from the Tuya app (V1.5.21) to try to flash by firmware version. But the version has been patched and can’t be exploited.

You could probablly still flash by serial and maybe reuse some of the older config, but I couldn’t be arsed with that. The bulb is easy enough to pop open with pry tools.

Are the tx/rx pads exposed enough in the back of CB2L or you need to desolder it

Your question was a good enough excuse to destroy it;)

Pop off the top thingo.

Hmm just PWM pins down there?

Yank it out.

Pry back the chip. Ahh, there are the Rx/Tx pads underneath! - what a hassle!

:toilet: :roll_of_toilet_paper:

Ouch, some other bulbs that use CB2L has it slightly protruded so the tx/rx pads are still accessible.
I’m take it this one was completely covered

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Yes, totally covered.