Don't show every tracking in Owntracks


I’m trying to work with locating, actual on iPhones. The iCloud Integration with 30 Minutes update interval is to slow. So I want to give owntracks a try and it seems to work as expected. But is there a possibility not to show every location of every person to every person in owntracks?
I know, it’s the friends function. But I can’t find a way to deactivate this / hide persons.

I’ve found the same question from 2020, but unanswered.

Has someone solved this problem or has an idea for it?

I discontinued Owntracks as it updated even slower

Note that I have seen no solution for the main question in this post.

Which solution/app works faster in your experience?

Owntracks was only good when ‘open’ on my mobile, otherwise it updated way later then via the companion app. But…as you will see in many MANY posts… using HA pp and consisten/correct location updates is not a give thing. The only phone for us that works is the S20 of my daughter on high accuracy. The 2 A51 cannot be set to that as it drains the battery within a day. My iPhone…can set whatever I like…iPhone just seems to decide differently (Apple-feature???)

So : no help here other then our experience

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Haven’t found a solution for OwnTracks… Switched to HomeKit for the detection.

as automation in Home Assistant was the solution for my problems.