Door bell / camera Alphago ALP 600


I just wanted to ask if anybody here is using the Alphago ALP 600 with Home Assistant? The search yields no results, however I think this is a very interesting device reagrding the price and the fact that it is very open and cloudless.

I’m also open to suggestions for alternative devices if they integrate well with HA.

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I am currently building my own house and want to make my door intercom smart here too.

I also find the door intercom APL 600 from Alphago very interesting, especially since it works without an external cloud.

They speak the protocols: TCP/IP, SIP v.2.0, VPN, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMPT, DDNS, DHCP, PPPoE, RTP, RTSP, UDP, NTP, ONVIF v.2.41, Modbus TCP

HorizonKane Have you already successfully implemented the project? If so, could you please share it?

Or can someone help me to find the right hardware for the project?

My requirements for the project are the following:I

Primary: integrated door opening and door intercom in the Home Assistant Kiosk mode.

Secondary: operation of the system via smartphone, here it would be ok if it does not work via Home Assistant but there is a manufacturer app.

nice to have but unimportant : additional authentication mechanisms like RFID or fingerprint.

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as Home Assistant has no SIP support I am aware of, Alphago is no option at the moment (sadly).

I made good progress with this DIY Smart Doorbell with Android notifications

What I posted there is also my last state…the project is on pause as I am really busy with other stuff at the moment. Annoying stuff like “work” or “the life”. Hope I will find time to continue soon!

I will try it with this one SIP Doorbell - #7 by Mark53

And I successfully used the ONVIF integration for getting the actual picture to my dashboard.