Door Intercom - Akuvox R20K (on Ethernet)

Hi, we have this Akuvox R20K door phone with relay trigger to open front gate and camera and password to enter. nice device for not much money! It is interfaced via ethernet and I have access to its web page configuration.

It has action URL built in and it streams RTSP / ONVIF video and it also has (open relay via HTTP), SIP is also there (not sure what it is but saw you guys discuss SIP intercoms).

How ever I do not see any ready made integration of that guy but seems like very good and cheap intercom? Can any one advise on integrating it into home assist?

  • Idea is to get it into Apple Home Kit as intercom so that it Pops up as notification when some one presses a bell and than opens up a camera view with a button on top to open relay A over HTTP.

Is that possible? I believe now it does that to my smart Home Screen via DTMF RFC 2833

no one has any ideas?

Hi @yoodog, I developed an integration which brings Akuvox SmartPlus door camera feeds, door relay buttons and door open/ring events into Home Assistant.
I hope it can be useful for you.

Looks interesting, however, the Akuvox SmartPlus platform looks kinda closed, in such a way that the only option to get an account is through your installer (which will probably bill you for it).

I would assume this is not the way the OP wanted to integrate the device.
Me as well, I have an Akuvox device for which I am looking into how to integrate it to be able to communicate from everywhere with my iPhone to my door.

I believe we will need to use the SIP protocol and a SIP service to accomplish that.
This will also liberate us from any cloud fees, if you were to host your SIP service yourself :slight_smile:

In followup to this prior message, I have my door phone working now.

I have chosen the 3CX (free tier) SIP service, which offers a cloud hosted PBX which can act as your own telephone central. If you want to take call’s outside of your network, without having to use a VPN, you can optionally install a linux VM (which I run on my synology) to bridge your home network with the server.

Note: I am not in favour of paying subscriptions for services, 3CX is free, and if anything would change, I could easily swap it for another PBX service.

3CX offers a good soft phone application for your smartphone, which, in the latest version (I am a beta tester) also supports the H.264, required to receive the Akuvox video feed.

I have the ONVIF stream into Home Assistant and I save the RTSP feed into my synology surveillance station in addition to my security camera’s.

Currently I have set up some ‘action url’ linked to webhooks to receive feedback from the door phone. I use is to trigger a chime over Sonos speakers. (works perfect).

I can also use the same trigger to send a notification to HA companion app, which can include an image, live feed and configurable actions (see notification docu for setup) .

There is an HTTP API with my E12 device, for which I have figured out one call, and I am still negotiating with tech support for full documentation.

I can nog hangup a call, which means that I can use logic in HA to drop a call if we are at home. But preferably, I would like to reverse this, so the SIP call only takes place if nobody is home :slight_smile: TBD

Any ways, price wise a very solid device, and since I have been using it over SIP (perhaps a week after previous post) I have not encountered any issues with it. including stress testing with dropped connections etc. would recommend!