Doorbell Recommendations

Didn’t really have to try did ya

Bumped a year old thread to call someone out. facepalm

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Well I was looking for the same thing OP was, and there it was…just calling to me. Calling OPs post pointless when OPs post was the very first result when I was searching for help.

yet your post was pointless.

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So your second post here is just to rip someone out. Good going, you’re gonna be a popular guy.

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Never said my post wasn’t chief. Not going for popularity, looking for solid info. Which was provided because OP asked a question.

Ouch, that hurt. Thanks for the wake up call.

Has anyone noticed the sudden flurry of cheap (like sub GBP£30) video doorbells that have appeared on eBay in the past week or two? Anyone have any positive experience with any of these?

You got a link?

No. Try “smart doorbell” into eBay. There’s tonnes of them.

How unhelpful of you. We need more unhelpful people asking for reviews on products located by ill defined searches.

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On the subject if people not being helpful…

I’m sorry you became confused.

I didn’t ask for a review of a product. I asked if anyone had any experience with cheap Chinese doorbells.

As you, clearly, don’t; my message is not for you.

No need to get harrumphy, just don’t respond.

I agree with Nickrout, you could be more specific…
Having a ton of cheap cameras doesn’t mean they all work equally…

I use a cheap Anran, and so far it works great…