Doorbell without Videofunction?

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to be here and have a question right away.
I would like to integrate a smart doorbell. Normally no problem. Now comes the big BUT, I come from Germany and where I live you are not allowed to use a video doorbell.
So I’m looking for an elegant solution to integrate a wireless doorbell into HA.
Does anyone have a suggestion? As already mentioned, it must not have a video function.

I would be very happy if you can help me

Tell us what you’ve got at the moment.

I would move… Just saying.

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is not helpful :frowning:


run this search in your search engine: dumb doorbell

Hi, welcome to the forum!

If you are using zigbee, there are buttons that can be used outside.
You probably will find more solutions by searching for wireless buttons then dumb doorbells.

I use something like this

in combination with a Sonoff rf bridge.

Do you have the option for power supply at doorbell mount point? If so, check out THIS. You do need to have some basic electric and programming skills, though.

perfekt with zigbee button thank you