Doorbird and SIP

I learned that Doorbird supports SIP.

If I am reading this right, this means I can have Asterisk PBX call the REST API to turn on the light when a button in Doorbird is pressed, right?

I think of Doorbird as a nice solution for those who are looking for alternative to and crave open-source and open standards. The price for Doorbird alone is worth it compared to and long-term expenses and the fact that I don’t have to rely in the cloud for storing video recordings.

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Good finding. Another alternative you can consider is V-Bell DP-104 :

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But I really don’t feel like spending more than $300 on a doorbell. Right now, I’m using a 433Mhz doorbell + PIR motion sensor + Hikvision camera. It can do all the functions except 2-way communication via SIP.

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The V-Bell DP-104 is unavailable in unlike the Doorbird. Your solution with 433MHz doorbell (where can I find a 433MHz doorbell in seems interesting, but I do like to have a 2-way communication with a visitor.

Another pointer: There’s an edit button in your post. Click in “…” before the “<- Reply” button and then click in the pencil button to edit your post.

Another thing I found it interesting is that the website for DP-104 is covered in red unless I whitelist website using ScriptBlock for Google Chrome and NoScript for Mozilla Firefox. Once whitelisted, the site no longer covers in red. It must be the div element that has a red transparency that the JavaScript code must have deleted.

I am using this doorbell; 433toMQTTto433 Gateway Device List but it seems no longer available in Aliexpress.

404 Not Found (broken link) for Draadloze Deurbel Alarm…


But I’m going to go with Doorbird since it’s available in

yeah. it’s no longer available. good luck and please share your findings.

Thanks. I will buy one about a year or two down the road once I get a job after completing my training at World Services for the Blind. I’m planning in getting certified in A+ and Network+.

Doorbird is a very nice alternative to and Skybell that requires me to have a cloud account for storing video recordings. V-Bell DP-104 is a very nice one for sure, but if only it’s available in as I can’t find a “Buy” link in their website.

If you use Zanzito, you might want to follow this thread. If the developer fulfill my request, then I might be able to have 2-way communication via SIP using an Android phone and a bluetooth speaker+mic.

With Zanzito, will it allow me to see who presses the doorbell and have two-way communication?

I wanted something that is as easy as mounting a Doorbird or DP-104 into the side of the door and do the rest by adding the door station to Asterisk PBX myself, though.

And MQTT is brand new to me and I’ve never worked with MQTT in the past. I do not know of any devices out there that has MQTT built in.

I will see if I can find a 433MHz to MQTT gateway in Amazon, though, although I do not know if Amazon does have MQTT products.

Update: Uh, wait! There’s no such thing as MQTT gateway in Amazon’s website.

And by the way, can I not see this message? is!

My method is not as elegant as doorbird. It consists of multiple devices and protocols to make up what doorbird can achieve. But the advantage is it builds on what HA can support, thus ensuring it is programmable by HA.

What I have at the door are Hikvision IP camera, Z-wave PIR motion sensor, 433MHz doorbell, Bluetooth speaker phone and an old Android phone with Zanzito (mounted behind the door). Since all of them are integrated in HA, I can create multiple automations based on triggers from the doorbell or the PIR motion sensors.

For example, if motion is detected by the PIR sensor, then it trigger an automation that send snapshot from the camera to my Telegram.

Another example, if someone press the door bell, it will send a notification and snapshot of my camera to my Telegram. Hopefully, in future I can also trigger zanzito to make SIP call to my phone and speak to the visitor using the Bluetooth speaker phone.

I hope you get the drill.

Ah, that makes sense. It seems to be a lot cheaper compared to Doorbird.

Since Amazon does not sell 433MHz doorbell, if I go with hardwired doorbell that exists in a house, is there a solution that does not require soldering wires? I don’t want to buy a soldering ion and get my fingers burned.

Well, it’s not really cheaper. The camera and phone may cost more than doorbird. But i already have it installed earlier and the phone is an old phone in the drawer gathering dust. But if you are just getting started, I guess doorbird is a better choice. But I’m not sure how it can integrate in HA.

If you want to use 433Mhz doorbell, you must have a gateway. I built myself using the OpenMQTTGateway guide. If you don’t want to solder things, then I suggest you go for something simpler such as Z-wave doorbell. It may cost more but you don’t have to build it yourself.

You can get this 433 Doorbell in the UK …

Not available in United States it seems (I checked it in Amazon and there’s no Nexa LMLT-711).

Oh! I got a reply to my tweet from Doorbird!

Doorbird is still working in SIP integration.

I’m feeling very happy about Doorbird and cannot wait to see it implemented.

Maybe you can get notification through SIP if Doorbird fully implements it. If you have SIP in your Doorbird, you can install Asterisk, setup a user, and a dialplan that makes use of the system() command

If you want to install Asterisk, here’s a tutorial if you are using Ubuntu:

Asterisk will be running in your server if you have one.

It is not an easy process, but once you have Asterisk installed, you can add an extension in Asterisk that is assigned to Doorbird in sip.conf:

secret = xxxxxxxxxx # The password for Doorbird to log in.
context = users # Similar to a category which extensions.conf depends in this.
host = dynamic # If the IP address of Doorbird is not static, this tells Doorbird to register periodically with SIP server

If you give your Doorbird a static IP address, replace “dynamic” with your IP address. “host” can also accept a hostname as well if you have a DNS server setup and you are using hostnames instead of IP addresses like I do at home.

Have a look at sip.conf in voip-info for more info:

If a visitor presses a button, Doorbird could be configured to dial an extension such as 100 and then you can configure as such:

[users] # Remember the context above for sip.conf?
exten => 100,1,Answer()
exten => 100,2,system(curl -X POST -H "x-ha-access: YOUR_PASSWORD" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"title": "Doorbird", "message": "Your visitor has arrived."}' http://localhost:8123/api/services/notify/notify)
exten => 100,3,Hangup()

However, I’m not sure of JSON is correct for REST API and my memory is way too rusty to remember Asterisk despite being a long-time Asterisk user but quit years ago as I use Google Voice before I use Project Fi from Google.

Like I said before, installing and configuring Asterisk is not that easy, but once you have Asterisk setup, there are so many possibilities you can do, such as turning on the light by pressing 42011 for on and 42010 for off. That is, if you have a SIP phone.

Plus, Doorbird has not fully implemented SIP yet and I’m hoping they will.

In the meantime, you can follow the tutorial for configuring Asterisk PBX. Do skip the “apt-get install asterisk” part as Ubuntu 16.04 might contain an older version of Asterisk than 13.

And oh! Here’s another way you can do! Have Home Assistant talk to Asterisk instead! Just have the “doorbird” account created in SIP.conf and if you have a SIP phone, setup extensions.conf to dial your SIP phone while in users context by DIAL(SIP/101) for example. Once Home Assistant notices that extension 101 is ringing, Home Assistant can send you a notification!

Have a look:

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hi all and @GraysonPeddie , i bought myself a doorbird d2101kv, and a a1101 indoor, but the quality is terrible on the ourdoor station , sometimes i am missing 2 way audio, sometimes only one way audi

i am not testing lan only mode on the a1101 , hopefully thats better
if its better , going to configure also the d2101 kv in lan only mode, so if i want to use an android app, i want to make use of the SIP

i see you posted a lot of asteresik, so going to try that later

but i have also a electrical slot, its attached to a relay output … can you also trigger that from asterisk? so if someone calls and i pick up with a sip client, how to open the door? how to make the api call?

also, whats a good sip client? :slight_smile: