Doorbird integration

I don’t think this will be possible since the doorbell and motion events do not have entities with persistent state inside of Home Assistant. I was going to suggest a template sensor, but I don’t think it is possible for a template sensor to pull data from an event.

What I would recommend is setting up an automation that is triggered by the event. The action for the automation would be to publish a persistent message to MQTT broker. Then you should be able to setup an MQTT sensor for showing the state on the front end.

Contrived, I know, but there aren’t any plans to create entities for Doorbird events. They are stateless on the device and that is mirrored in HA.

Indeed. Seems strange that there is no way to do something so simple. I can’t believe there aren’t more use cases that would drive a semi-standard way to do this. Regardless, thank you for the response.

You mention states - would it make sense to create a semi-fake state object to allow the use of state.last_updated?

AFAIK, it would require an entity to store the data attribute. If somebody else has an idea for how to store state without an entity, but still relate it back to a specific device, feel free to chime in.

Hmmm… using the lovelace entities card:

  - type: entities
    show_header_toggle: false
      - entity: camera.front_door_last_motion
        secondary_info: last-changed

almost looks like it would do it, except that the time frame is wrong:


Last motion was less than 12 hours ago, while it’s been roughly 4 days since I restarted HA.

That will work for the camera images, but will not work for the events used for doorbell and motion.

Edit: Also, in my experience, the last motion and last press images can be finicky and may not update for all events.

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I just bought a D2103V with three buttons. As far as i understand there is only one doorbell event for all of my three buttons? I think this isn’t the best solution. Wouldn’t it be better to have a more detailed event or an “attribute” in the event which button was pressed?
As far as i understand in the component there is already an attribute “doorbell_numbers” which, in my case, changes nothing in the http-favorites.

Is there anybody who can help me with coding this request, since i am no programme.

Greeting from germany


Hi @lubeda, thanks for reporting the troubles you are having. I don’t have access to a Doorbird with multiple buttons for testing, so support for that is most definitely lacking. I’m sending you a private message with some steps to take that will help me to identify what needs to be done to better support multiple buttons (if you are willing).

Hi guys!

I succesfully integrated my Doorbird into HA. The issue I have is that if I open the door with my RFID Chip or the App (Relais) it´s not monitored in HA (need push notifications :slight_smile: ). Also the door opens first after i held the rfid chip in front of the reader for the second time.

This is since I integrated it in HA. Any Tips from you how to solve this?



Not yet :frowning: I am in contact with oblogic7 because of the same feature.

I think HA should use a kind of generic events which then are mapped via the app.

  - miller_button
  - rfid_chip_x123
  - relay_2

So that the HA-component creates HTTP-Favorites in the app and i once map then manual to certain events in the app.

Greetings from germany

Hey guys, I’ve been giving this some thought and I believe that a generic event approach would be more simple than trying to handle the complete setup from within HA. It would remove the need to manipulate schedules on the device and would mean that HA simply adds an HTTP favorite as specified in the configuration. Schedule association to the event would be done manually in the app. My biggest concern for this approach is that it requires more hands on setup and the Doorbird schedules aren’t the most user friendly thing to setup (especially for new users).

I hope to have some time this week to dig into the code to see what will need to be done to make this happen.

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I have my Doorbird playing an MP3 over my Sonos when the button is pushed on the doorbell. I’m doing this via Node-RED. I don’t use Home Assistant for my inventory management (I use OpenHAB2) but the concept is prob identical. You could also talk right to Sonos via Node-RED if you wanted

Hope this is helpful to some folks.

When I first read this I thought you meant that you were playing the MP3 through the Doorbird speaker when a visitor pressed the button. I was getting excited until I realized what you were actually saying.

Thanks for posting this, I was working on my Node-Red automatons with my doorbird today.
I have Sonos too but I did my announcement/ring through my Google home.

Just a small note, i assumed the events would be shown in the event viewer. The list of “availible events” shows 2 items i created. “doorbird_open_door” and “doorbird_voordeur_motion” My doorbird is called “voordeur”.

The doorbird_voordeur_motion event works like a charm but the open_door (relay) did not. It turned out i should listen for “doorbird_voordeur_open_door” and not the “doorbird_open_door” which i saw in the list. Why did it create a “doorbird_open_door” which has no events, but “doorbird_voordeur_open_door” did work but was not shown in the events list.

Perhaps i might be a dummy when it comes to events, but it this hit me as ‘a bit weird’.

Other then that its working fine. A nice note for the documentation would also be that if you overrule the hass url and you use the internal that you don’t forget to add the 8123 port if that is your case. (and http/https if needed)

What version of HA are you running?

Running 0.94.0

Why did it create a “doorbird_open_door” which has no events, but “doorbird_voordeur_open_door” did work but was not shown in the events list.

Are you referring to the event list in HA, or in the Doorbird app? With 0.94 there should not be any events showing up on the event list on the HA side. Discussion regarding this change is on the pull request.

The events from your configuration should show up on the Doorbird app like in the screenshot below.

These events should be prefixed with doorbird_ for use in automations as explained in the documentation..

The custom events you specify in your HA configuration should be registered on your Doorbird device as mentioned in the documentation. Event names are prefixed with the device name to avoid conflicts where multiple Doorbirds may be in use on a single HA instance (I have 3 on mine). This allows all devices to use similar names for the custom events defined in the configuration (i.e. all can use motion without having a conflict.

I do see that the documentation doesn’t explicitly mention that the device name is used in the event name, but it shouldn’t be necessary because the full event name (minus doorbird_ prefix) is visible when configuring the calls in Doorbird app as shown above.

I have a stupid question: Via the ios doorbird app I can only enable the schedule for a single http call. Is there a trick I am missing to activate the schedule for multiple calls or is this an ios limitation?


It sounds like you are running into the following limitation mentioned in the Doorbird API documentation (page 22):

There can be only one schedule entry for each output type, time slot and event slot. Example: just one HTTP trigger for ring events at 8 o’clock. But an SIP call at the same time is possible. If more events are needed, one needs to implement event multiplexing. Exceptions are relays, where more can be triggered for the same event.

I believe the “trick” you are missing is that you are not going into the schedule for each different event/output type (motion, relay, doorbell, etc). The component documentation includes navigation paths where each of these schedules can be found in the Doorbird app.

Thank you, I of course missed this completely. I’ve only ever found the button schedule on my own…