Doorbird, is it any good?

I am in the middle of a home renovation and came across Home Assistant and now looking to install DoorBird IP Video Door Station D2101V but have seen mixed reviews about it in terms of quality and lag. Can anyone who has this one or a similar one let me know if they are happy with it.

Does the intergration with home assistant allow the doorbird to be viewed and answered using 2 way voice inside lovelace or do you still need to use the native doorbird app?



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I had doorbird and ring.
doorbird integration was fully integrated minus 2way communication.

I do not think individual buttons (besides doorbell) show but not sure. This is likely covered by api and can be added using template sensor/switch or command line sensor/switch so I dont see this as issue.
I remove mine but I had lower end model and would 100% go with 2101 on new build if you need access for 3rd party (button entry vs you open via HA or other method)
I ultimately put $30 mounted cam, fake doorbell and beam sensor (this is gated drive entry so I need detect car pullup/person walkup mostly). If expecting guest I set it to open/notify on anything that trip beam, else it just notify me by HTML5 notification w/ image on phone and Alexa announcement. ultimately I not need to talk, just need awareness when someone there and recorded image (i capture photo of all Image processed triggers and motion detected triggers)

Ring was horrible. It worked OK but useless because images where behind and huge lag to open app and talk/see. Usually by time I get app open person left. I did like motion detector and use for while to trigger notification w/image.

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Thank you for that! Did did you find doorbird had any sort of Lag when loading up the camera when the doorbell was answered?

I dont remember any significant lag with IP video into HA/motioneye. All video from any ip cam has some small delay(say 1-2sec) but this is not truly noticeable unless you looking live image and live video simultaneously. this is result of encode/decode/image transfer over ethernet.

I not use the app so cannot speak to this. If I must use app it is instant non-starter for me

Honestly I do not check camera when doorbell ring. I found that by using doorbell push or beam based motion detection I could trigger push notification with image, “open” button and “ignore” button. After that I had no use for anything else. This work well for my use case. its 2019 and they can call/text if they need to talk and others can leave note in mailbox or door to door sales(thank you for leaving). I never used and stop attempting make use of 2way after this. Ultimately I sell and use cheaper alternative

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Thanks, i appreciate the advice!

I’m looking for a new doorbell device and I looked to doorbird too to integrate in HA (model “DoorBird IP Video Door Station D101S” with the “DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101” ).

Can someone tell me if you can in HA, unlock the gate/door or you need the indoor station?
Thank you

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Doorbird is probably the best doorbell system out there for home automation - but dont think it is perfect.

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I have a Doorbird 101 and unmounted it cause of its horrible video quality.

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I’m not sure about the integration but if your budget allows get the DoorBird D1101V as it’s 1080 resolution

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Also one more thing. Check how large the doorbell actually is before buying. I would say its a huge doorbell compared to ring etc

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In fact, none is yet perfect !!! But my opinion is the same as yours!

Understand and thanks for your advice. In fact It’s a better image of course but a little more expensive. I need to see…

I read that RING it’s worse with HA integration. I need to check the sizes but for me it’s not a problem. thanks!

Just wish Doorbird worked without need of app to setup/administer. Honestly for $600-$1000 USD I would feel better if I didn’t affectively need active license from them.

Anyone ever use the AXIS doorbells?

managed to get AXIS A8004 for cheap cheap!!
Instantly happy with this and huge improvement over all others (doorbird, ring, not tried but nest also, and a few generic cam/doorbell combos)
Having trouble with getting integration to work but even this not important since it has built in automations that allow me to work around HA or integrate to HA.

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Standart UI Axis integration does not work?
What kind of trouble do you have?

I have the cheapest doorbird of them all. Though it is big, solid and stable. I wouldn’t buy it again. I would go with a normal security cam (dome) and a normal button. 2way communication is possible but only thru the doorbird app and the delay is too big to really talk to somebody.

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I thought axis integration use get/post/api but it use Multi cast and rtsp and that not work for me since i using vlans and docker. anyway, i got it to work under normal conditions so just need to get network set properly

Honestly doorbell is completly unnecessary for me. I may ditch doorbells and use Object detection and motion detection. I did this at my old home and had non functioning doorbell for show. I may do again

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If you haven’t bought Doorbird then I highly recommend NOT TO, it is an awful system. 2 years in it and still takes up to 30 sec. for the system to connect which by that time the person at the door is gone. My internet speed is 100 meg up / 100 meg down , I have changed phones, modems, reloaded the App … but no luck. Tech support is no help either. Look for alternative options.

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Do you have your doorbird hardwired or connected via WIFI?